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Founded in 2010 by Ryan Frith and Adam B. Lyle, FADED SAiNTS is a hard rock band whose songs focus on intense, emotive lyrics and high-energy music.

Determined to create a groundbreaking band within the modern hard rock genre, Frith & Lyle began writing songs that reflected their passions, as well as their life experiences. They quickly discovered that their collaborations produced music that had an energy and style unique to themselves, yet reminiscent of their own musical influences. After co-writing and self-producing four songs and receiving positive feedback on their efforts, there was no doubt in their minds that FADED SAiNTS would make a name for themselves.

During the summer of 2011, Frith & Lyle relocated to Panama City in order to recruit other band mates and dedicate their efforts solely to the band. Now fully loaded with talented players, FADED SAiNTS is now focused on booking live performances and finishing their first album, which will be completed in 2012.

FADED SAiNTS has many influences, including: Alice In Chains, Sound Garden, Tool, RUSH, Dream Theater, Metallica, Megadeth, Journey, Disturbed, Black Label Society, Pantera, and Rage Against the Machine

Their sound can be compared to: Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Godsmack, Tool, Five Finger Death Punch, and Staind

A. Lyle - Lead Vocals
R. Frith - Guitar & Backing Vocals
R. Stewart - Guitar & Backing Vocals
J. Cook - Bass & Backing Vocals
R. Becton - Drums


Email: fadedsaintsmusic@gmail.com
Telephone: +1 (850) 629-9339

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Here is the kind of feedback we are getting from our listeners:

DJ VaD3R on Fubar.com

dragonheart on Fubar.com
"...faded saints good enough to be heard on 95 wiil rocks 420 hit of the day rock on guys"

James Two Bears Fu E to LatinaSweetAngel on Fubar.com
"Faded Saints Rocks ....sounds good enough to be mainstream. Keep it coming!!!!"

Thornz3 on Fubar.com

Banned From Atlanta on Fubar.com
"ayy..u guys have an awesome sound..keep rockin' it bros..#"

CandyCoatedVixen on Youtube.com
"Faded Saints -- Holy shit! The music scene needs this band d e s p e r a t e l y! These guys will be going platinum baby!"

DJ Kalie from RisqueRadio.org
"Heard you live on Risque Radio tonight, and you guys were absolutely fantastic."

Elizabeth Eve on Facebook
"you are are freakin' AWESOME!!! i LOVE it!"

dj'shoo of RisqueRadio.org
"You guys totally rock!!"

Gui Acauan of As I Fall
"What sick song man ["Frostmourne"], i really dig it..." "10/10 from brazillian metal fans!!!"

dj`sthrnbell on RisqueRadio.org
"Holy crapola go listen to @fadedsaints... 'In Your Head' it's f*ing fantastic!"

Chandler Rogers on Facebook
"Freakin' wicked. Cross between the Chili's and Pearl Jam with a bit of Beck and a slice of Metallica. Your drummer kicks ass..."

@dj_lashes on Twitter
"Love it!! 'In Your Head' is an awesome song!"”

JoJo on Fubar
"LOVIN the music"

"great band"

kikidkmanutd on Youtube
"Love your music..."

Poetryofthedamned on Youtube
"Fantastic song ["Frostmourne"], love you guys!"
"I LOVE this new track ["In Your Head"], you guys are fantastic! -Emma"

sshadow21 on Reverbnation
"hi i think u guys are awsome"

Steviep89 on Reverbnation
"Hey guys i'm a big fan of yours and i can't wait to hear more of your stuff."

ksc09876 on Reverbnation
"xoxo you guys rock!"

Jeri Brown on Facebook
"I loved your song 'frostmourne'."

Joe Califano on Facebook
"Faded Saints Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ed Eldridge on Facebook
"One thing for sure, Faded Saints FCKEN ROCK!"
"Faded Saints. These guys are the best around. Listen and learn. BAM!"
"I have seen Faded Saints play twice. I know Rock better than most. These guys are for real. Their first album will go platinum. BAM!"
"I freaken love these guys. Faded Saints KICK FCKEN ASS!"

Kimberly Roetina Burch on Facebook
"Faded Saints!!! these guys are awesome!!"

Chris Combs [of Phoenix Drive] on Facebook
"Truly great band"

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