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55 Year Old · Female · From Clarksville, TN · fuMarried to: Partychief R... · Owned by GMP InFArREd FaN Me PlZ STHU and is worth 12 coins. · Joined on February 28, 2009 · Born on November 5th · 73 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 40 different people have a crush on me!

Shit just got real !!! As some of you know, I was in Florida last week, had to update my DOD clearance and get ready to haul classified explosive freight.
That said I will not be able to log in fu by phone while running one of these loads, no social media allowed. Sort of like during covid, social media tracks, and if I get tracked over bs, I will lose my clearance. Only difference, I do get to come home and won't stay gone for month.
The truck went in the shop today, get outfitted with panic button and gov tracking devices, I will be reducing my family to a few trusted after tonight's run. I will by the nature of my business become a part time, weekend player. Sorry, call me a money hungry bitch if you like, but I can't pass it up :-P
yea, call me crazy, I'm rather sane and spotless, that's what it takes to get clearance, so eat the bs lol

I will run for those dear to me on events and might even allow a few buy ins. Real Life simply is taking over.


Integrity and loyalty and real friendship is rare on here, people, selling their souls for 400k. For some of us, this is more than just a game, we have made real friends on here.
For many, you are just another pawn in a game, for their own gain. I personally prefer real friendships, pass on supporting these users :-)

Love & Hugs XOX


* I will spend my time traveling, visiting friends & enjoy life, spring in coming, I don't want to spend it clued to the monitor, but riding slingshot and enjoy the outdoors.

* Those that know me, know I've had some pretty good health scares, life is to short to drop thousands, only to draw jealousy and deal with none stop attacks of haters. Let 'em have it.

* My family will be reduced to my real friends & people I actually speak with. I will do my WC, run my fam a couple times a week, run for friends Bdays and participate in events, help friends with achievements, that will be about it.

* Please don't take it personal if I decided to take you out. I would like room, to return runs to old friends that run me, or add someone that needs an achievement when necessary.

* That ranking crap & drama is getting old. My life isn't on Fu, I've made my point. NO ONE can stay on top forever; someone will come along that plays better or/and has the money to outspend you. LMAO hope it's worth it, for me it really isn't and stops today.

I wish you all the best, stay in touch, send a PM, cause SB can disappear, light on or not, I'm likely not here :-)

I'm a German immigrant, ex-military spouse and die-hard military supporter.
I love my hubby, my 3 pups, Zoey, Duke & Red, my 200+ houseplants, and traveling the world. Many of the pics in my folders were taken by me during my travels, both work and leisure.

I'm a trucker, been off and on here for 13 years. I met my husband here 12 years ago. Just friends for a few years, then the long-distance dating thing for another. He eventually moved, got his CDL and joined me in the trucking world. That said, I am not looking for hook-ups, I found my partner for life.

We started out as company drivers, team operators, until we leased that 1st truck.
Three truck leases later, we had enough to stop leasing and buy our own, seems like ages ago.

We made a risky move, or so it seemed, change is scary, left our starter company and moved on to bigger and better things. Got a 2nd and a 3rd truck and found a couple teams to run them.
It just kept growing, by the time the pandemic hit we had 5.

The pandemic became both a nightmare and a blessing for us, month and month on the road, across the county, far from Home.
Everything was shut down, food and even bathrooms hard to find. Home a distant memory, a place we didn't get to visit for many month. I lost about 170 of my houseplants Tearful.gif My best friend did her best to keep them alive, but a green thumb isn't awarded to everyone,

We haul pharma and gov (secret stuff), while others were laying off, we had more work than we could handle. PPE like masks, gloves, ventilators, disinfected wiped etc. were in constant need and kept us going.
Eventually the vaccines came out, more work without end in sight, by the end of the pandemic, we were at 10 trucks.

We were in a good place with that, still ran loads and we enjoyed the road.
Unfortunately, there is less and less of that. Last fall a fleet owner and friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Three weeks before our lifetime trip to Australia, he asked us to buy his fleet. He didn't see any other options. His alternative treatment choices were pricey, and he wanted his drivers to go with an owner he trusts.

We made it happen, jumped through hoops to get it done before the trip. Today, running a load is like a treat, we love it when we get the chance. At 19 trucks, there is so much to do, these trips are starting to become less and less. We fill in on lanes for drivers taking off, run load board when there is a crunch and truck shortage.

Scorpy has always been my nick, I used to play Evony as LadyScorpy. It was consuming and had to go, when I got my CDL and went on the road.

I don't know about you all, but I'm here to have fun and relax. Competition is fun, it's a game, but does it really need to be this ugly and vicious? I sure hope not.

Peace out....

55 Year Old · Female · From Clarksville, TN · fuMarried to: Partychief R... · Owned by GMP InFArREd FaN Me PlZ STHU and is worth 12 coins. · Joined on February 28, 2009 · Born on November 5th · 73 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 40 different people have a crush on me!
My Pups, tropical plants, Cricut, boating, travel, Slingshot cruising, painting rocks,

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