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Waking up to a text by the pillow,
" Its over, I'm sorry but this just
isn't working out anymore,"
Is all that is written, Gasping from what
she read, she breaks the phone into a 
million tiny pieces trying to ignore the pain.

In complete disbelief, Jaw-dropped,
thinking to herself " how could this possibly be?"
Remembering just the other day as he arrives
home with a bouquet of beautiful red roses,
with a I Love You Forever card, as he
passionately kisses her lips.

Tears start sneaking out of her eyes,
pounding her fists into the pillows screaming 
" No! Why am I never good enough? "
throwing everything close to her in a chaotic
disarray, shattering sounds echoing the room
as this once enthusiastic girl disappears.

Walking out of the house, bags packed, He
appears from around the corner; Trying to
tell her hes sorry, to comfort her broken heart,
irate anger fills her body as she shouts,
"You're the reason why I don't believe in love

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