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PROUD AMERICAN's blog: "Go ahead make my day"

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                                                                   Do You Remember ?



           Do You Remember

         the good 'ole days

         do you remember when,

         you had fun at school

         and couldn't wait to go back again.


           Do You Remember

          when it was safe

          for children to play outside,

          and when you fell and skinned their knee

          was the only time they cried.


            Do you Remember

           watching cartoons

           Road Runner and Bugs Bunny

           and when an anvil

           hit them on the head

           it was just funny.


            Do you Remember Holloween

          Trick Or Treating all night

          you could eat the candy

          straight from the bag

          and everything would be alright.


             Do you Remember

            Pledging Allegiance

            to The Grand 'ole Flag

            and do you Remember when

            " Under God" wasn't such a drag.


               These were the best of times

              you remember them like they were

              yesterday, but then just like that

              we grew up and let time just slip away.


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