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Today's movie was Primer. This is the first time I've watched this and I have to watch it again. After watching Triangle (yesterday's film) it lead me down a path of movies that deal with time and make you think. I'm a sucker for time travel. Primer is that type of film. It's the thinking man's or woman's type of sci fi film. It's about two guys who invent a time travel box. The film is too smart to understand the first time. If you are not confused after you watch it then you are Einstein.

The first 20 minutes is rambling and what I assume to be when smart people get together they would talk like this. It made me kind of jealous because I want to talk so smart that a lesser mind would be baffled. After being confused for a while, I started to understand what they were building and how they built it. When they finally reveal the time travel it is wonderful. It's a mystery for the audience as it's hard to comprehend what is going on. After you think you have caught up it kicks you back down again. The film keeps a fast pace and doesn't give you time to think about what you just saw. The end is great and really ties things together while still leaving confused as hell.

After watching I looked up the science to the film and read a plot summary on their Wiki page. After reading that I understand more but still not everything. The idea of how to time travel they bring up is amazing. It is a unusual way to grasp the theory of time travel but it is cool. People recommend you re watch this film to undersatnd more and you need to. I will watch this at least one more time. It kept me thinking and I liked that. Even when I was confused I still felt like I was understanding something and still wanted to see what would happen next.

This is a true indie film as it was made for only 7000 dollars. That's amazing. These friends made this film, which won awards at Canne, with only 7000 dollars which they said was mostly spent on the film stock. I look up to these guys, because as a filmmaker myself, I want their story and I want to get noticed my the work I make. It doesn't matter about what big name actor you have or the special effects you put in it. It comes down to the story and this is a very intersting story. The film is only an hour and 13 minutes so it's shorter than usual. But it's a for sure watch. If you want to learn and feel smarter after you watch a film then watch Priimer. If you want to impress your friends by talking about time travel then watch Primer. If you are at all interested in time travel then watch Primer. And if you have an hour and 13 minutes to kill watch Primer. You won't be dissapointed. But I must warni you, you will have to watch it again and you can't give up. It will be too smart and you will have to research it. But please do. It is worth it. I watched it 15 hours a go and I'm still think about time travel and the theory of what exactly it is.

Postives: Story, time travel, twists and turn, this film is smart

Negatives: You will be confused

Score 5/5



*Thanks again for reading these. Please any suggestions would be great or if you know other films like this you want me to watch.

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