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My first film is In Bruges. This is my third time watching this film and I have to say, still love it. First off this film is beautiful to watch. Bruges is set as a fairytale city and it looks like that when watching it. With Colin Farrells character saying how much he hates it, it makes you wonder if this film sets Bruges in a good light. Even with all the murder, I'd love to visit Bruges. Overall the film moves at a great pace with is key to an indie like film. With the story really only being two people talking back and forth for an hour, it never gets boring. The writing is amazing. I'm truly struck by the quick banter and the pure comedy the lines deliver. You can't have this type of comedy and drama mixed with out acting and it's pitch perfect. If you have never heard of this film or you never saw it when it came out, I highly recommend you watch it. It is one of those films that got passed by but should be seen and praised.

Rating 5/5


*I doubt anybody is reading these but if you are and you have a film you want me to watch, please send me a message. Also if you don't agree, I'd love to here your ideas. Thanks.

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