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From the mind of a B.U.O.F.M............ This one falls under "Serious". I've been a CT member for about seven weeks now. Amazing! Get to visit other folk's pages, rate their profile, rate their photos, stashes....become their Fan, Friend, Family! Have nice, friendly chats...and for some, develope deeper relationships. Wow. Technology is wonderful! Me, I'm a 47-yr-old straight male, father of four adult children, who JUST got his divorce finalized on March 16, 2007. I'm not what some of you may consider a "typical" recently divorced 47-yr-old male. I did not enjoy the process, and wish I never had to go through it. That in mind, I am in no hurry to "get back in the saddle". I'm in no hurry to even "touch the saddle", if you catch my drift. I even have a "Disclaimer" at the very top of my profile stating such. Why am I saying this? Well, some folks in the CT community take this cyber existance waaaaay too seriously. I'm sure you have all run across it, whether it being comments you have seen on your page or other's, or in Bulletins or Blogs. I brush them off and secretly feel a little sorry for the folks involved, but that's their business, not mine. In the past week or so, I have had two females visit my page and post open comments, for all to see, about "Party A" and "Party B" and "Party C" blah blah blah, and somehow coming to the rationale that I am involved, or even give a hoot about the matter, simply because I am on one of the individual's (Party A to Z) Friend/Family list! These "Adult by age only" folks also sent me private messages stating the same thing they felt the need to openly leave a comment on. I log on, read both the PM and the comment, delete the comment, and try to send a PM back to nicely advise the sender that I am not involved, and wish to remain that way, and please don't leave open comments like that on my page. But I can't! I've been BLOCKED!!! Someone who has never visited my page before, and apparently never bothered to read my profile, felt they knew enough about me to basically accuse me of being involved in some three to twenty-seven way tangled internet or RL love affair, did not even offer me the common courtesy to reply in private. I'm sorry. I consider that childish and irresponsible. So, to all parties involved (since I have no other proper way to relay this...I'm not going to look at your Friend list and get some other poor innocent soul involved): The person you are trying to hurt, who is on my Family/Friend list, is a wonderful person as far as I am concerned. They have been nothing but very nice to me, as a FRIEND should be. There is nothing SEXUAL in our relationship. I have no intention of changing the relationship I enjoy with that person based upon YOUR relationship with that person. Had you taken the time to even read my profile, you may have thought twice before commenting AND PMing me on the matter. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but you closed the door on me to respond in a more civilized manner by blocking me. Sad thing about that is, you closed the door on a possible friendship with me based upon an inaccurate assumption. Your loss. I have been told that I am a very good CT friend. To the rest of you, scratching your heads..... thanks for reading my little Drama Blog. I am sure you are as thrilled about reading it as I was about having to write it. I hate typing LOL. *HUGS* Phil
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