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I might become another hated person on here but who cares. I think this person I am going to tell you about deserves all this. His name is Chris. Apparently is 21 and currently a Top Promoter for Fubar. Well he came in a lounge and started to treat the laddies and gentlemen with disrespect. We gave him warnings after warnings and then we kicked him out...he kept coming back and we finally banned him. Well his ass couldn't get enough attention and he needed more. He started to fuck with the people in the lounge in their shout boxes. Including mine! Believe me, this gets better! telling me all this shit. blah blah blah. Started to give us 1's. Sorry fucker, you still get points for it!! Plus its happy get double points. LMAO! Photobucket Then he gave me a comment on one of my pictures. Proof! Photobucket Here comes the Shout Box conversation. What I got from it. Its rude...FYI! ->~*D∋...: I dont have all day ->~*D∋...: ....... ->~*D∋...: who likes a hater? ->~*D∋...: why would I like sumeone who treats people like shit ->~*D∋...: I never liked you to begin with ->~*D∋...: I never said I did S500CHRIS: you like me ->~*D∋...: maybe one day you will be real and maybe you will be liked S500CHRIS: ok bye ->~*D∋...: I am done with your bullshit ->~*D∋...: I dont want to talk to you anymore ->~*D∋...: nice knowing you ->~*D∋...: wutever S500CHRIS: mmmm i like lard ->~*D∋...: im sick of talking to you ->~*D∋...: you done? ->~*D∋...: lard ass ->~*D∋...: grow the fuck up ->~*D∋...: wtf? S500CHRIS: mmmm r u baby ->~*D∋...: are you done yet? ->~*D∋...: ohh I am sure you do S500CHRIS: mmm i'd like that ->~*D∋...: he told me you got a dildo stuck up your ass and you still cant get it out ->~*D∋...: you should hear wut your EX boyfriend has told me about you ->~*D∋...: who the fuck says that now a days? S500CHRIS: nah i'm talkin to your mom ->~*D∋...: or do you still have to say shit to my face? ->~*D∋...: are you done talking to me yet? ->~*D∋...: wtf kind of question is that? S500CHRIS: you like anal/. ->~*D∋...: haha your funny...NOT S500CHRIS: of what your dads small penis ->~*D∋...: you got scared ->~*D∋...: I bet you shit your pants ->~*D∋...: I bet you do care S500CHRIS: lol so your friends think i care if they rate me a 1 hahahaha this is AWSOME i love it ->~*D∋...: fucking with my friends now arnt you? S500CHRIS: awsome S500CHRIS: np ->~*D∋...: and its just getting started ->~*D∋...: ohh I bet you do ->~*D∋...: thanks for the comment! S500CHRIS: oh i love all the attention i get ->~*D∋...: you giving me a comment...awwww ->~*D∋...: HAHAHA please ->~*D∋...: 1 photo ->~*D∋...: you think your soo cool ->~*D∋...: thanks for the points stupid ass S500CHRIS: yea i know so do i ->~*D∋...: I still get points for 1's S500CHRIS: sure ->~*D∋...: want to know something funny ->~*D∋...: PUSSY! ->~*D∋...: block me? ->~*D∋...: aww wut you gonna do on my page? ->~*D∋...: wtf are you talkiing about? S500CHRIS: you already do ->~*D∋...: learn to fucking read and treat people with respect and maybe people will like you S500CHRIS: mmm yes more ->~*D∋...: dickwad ->~*D∋...: yes you are S500CHRIS: riiight in the ass Even this. He is a Top Promoter at level 19 with a VIP...but guess what...he has 1 picture you heard me....1 picture and guess what NO SALUTE! Going around to different lounges and starting shit with everyone. Even this, he sends me Chocolate Body Photobucket Photobucket You know what, maybe JohnnyDevil was right, some people just come on here for the points and the attention...then we post prove about it and shit...well here is what I got from this guy. His name is Chris and he is just another hater on this site. JUST WHAT WE NEED! Here is his link if you want to check it out for yourself. S500CHRIS

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