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LaL FM2 Wes's blog: "Another Day"

created on 12/12/2008  |
I love you from the bottom to the top when I see you, you make my heart drop I smile so brightly as I walk away there again passed another day i fall asleep and dream of you wishing it were just us two I gasp to breath waking from a nightmare you fell and were no longer there i get up and pace my floor as I tell myself "I can't do this any more" I fall back asleep and wake up at 8 i tell myself this day is going to be great as i shower a while and eat breakfast too i quickly get ready to go out and find you as the day goes on i walk through the park waiting until it just hits dark the sun goes down and birds fly away it is almost the end of the day tears fill my eyes this was no surprise until i see your face looking back at me i hold myself back as I smile so brightly then I stupidly walk away there passed by another day
NinjaTime to enjoy the evening :) ♥ Wes ♥
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