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It had been an impossibly hard night. I even began to have doubts about me making it out alive. Oddly enough, I carried on. My comrades were also fatigued and sickly. We spent 3 months in the jungles. We were fighting an uphill battle. Starvation, insect and animal bites, natural obstacles...Everything seemed to not want us here. It was as if, the jungle didn't want us there. And we didn't want to be there, either. I watched my subordinates through the night, as I suffered from severe insomnia. I would watch the sky. It was still very hot here. The sky was hazy from the heat and moisture in the air. We knew why we were here, but we didn't know what was waiting for us. The foliage was very thick. We had to fashion ourselves machetes to be able to continue moving through the thick brush that seemed to never end. The most fearful thought I had was the fact that would all would die here. I tried to appear to be strong for the men, but, even they began to take note of my failing health. I had to get them to the rendezvous point, and I had to do it fast. 2 days had passed, and it seemed to us that we were traveling in circles. And just as we began to lose hope, the unthinkable happened...we found our superiors. Everyone was amazed to see us. But why? One of the Lieutenants told me that it had been because we were sent on a suicide mission. Our chance of survival was 0.00001%. Heh, I didn't even think we would have that great of a chance. I spent a few days recovering from the malnutrition I had obviously picked up from spending months in the jungle. I had woke up one morning to hear the Colonel telling everyone to get ready to go back to the states. We were finally going back home! I had left to inform my men of the good news.


What the hell?!? I thought we defeated them. The alien menance had returned. That means our sabotage mission in the jungle had failed. But the explosives completely eradicated their nests. Reinforcements???? Of course, they must've came from out of hibernation, underground. The explosion must've wakened them... "We have to move!" I yelled. They began to swarm the tiny village we had set up base in. And the tank-like aliens began launching the sizzling beams of fire into our choppers. We were going to be trapped here. I couldn't believe this was happening. Explosions were everywhere. I was surrounded by death and destruction. I saw an alien come up behind the Colonel. His death was swift and fast, as his head had been removed before he knew what hit him. I knew the end was near... when before I knew it, a leaping alien stood before me, poised to attack.. I knew I was dead, but I had to be sure. I looked around, and I saw infinite nothingness. Then I saw her. She approached me, with a smile on her face. "Hold my hand." she beckoned, "and follow me." I did so. And I saw the chaos that I was suddenly rescued from. "You are the savior, and you were rescued because of this." "...who are you?" I asked. "I am another alien being, from another race that was destroyed by the menance that's destroying your people," she began, "and we want their progress throughout the universe to be halted now. We cannot allow them to wipe out another exisistence." I followed her words, exactly. "You're special, we've been watching you. The sickness you're suffering from.." Those words shocked me. She continued, "is something that protects you from the poison they spread, as well as the limited mind-control of theirs." "So, I am puking blood because of something that makes me strong?" "No," she said almost giggling, "that's your body getting used to the new power you're recieving." "You serious?" I asked. "Yes..." she replied. "But, down there, what's going to happen?" I asked, rather concerned. "Don't worry, we've arranged some 'support'." Support? I wonder what she meant. Just then, this new reality began to dissapate. "Wait," I tried to hurriedly ask, "What was the name of your civilization?" She glanced at me, and smiled, "A little place called, Heaven." Then I was back. Just as the alien was preparing to strike, he was shot down by a flurry of vulcan mounted machinegun fire. A Black Hawk! There really was support coming! Tanks mowed trees down, jets flew in, carpet bombing the newly spouted nests. Infantry began to mow our attackers down. I was saved. But that means... Wait...
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