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My LaDy AnGeLFaCe's blog: "ANGELFACE"

created on 10/06/2006  |  http://fubar.com/angelface/b10949
Here are my remembrances of life long friends And of love that knows no distance and will not end. Here are sweet momentoes of times long past Of friendship that will last and last I store these memories here in part The rest is stored within my heart. Anonymous
I can walk down the side walk And talk to everyone I meet I can say hi to politicians or cops out on their beat! I can say the Pledge of Allegiance I can sing Amazing Grace I can say things about our President I could say it to his face i can write without being censored I can quote the Golden Rule i can send my child to learn At a private school I can do all of these things and others besides For in the home of the free My family resides
If you need a poem and don't know where to start. Just put your pencil to the page and write whats in your heart.
If you listen you can hear it Whispers soft and low It means that winter is coming With delicate flakes of snow. If you stop for a moment And take a look around You can hear winters whisper And it's a lovely sound The first snowflakes fall softly And cover up the earth Providing natures winter cover So spring can bring new birth. Listen to the whisper And enjoy winters grace Look up toward Heaven And let the flakes fall on your face THENA

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I'd rather change my mind and succeed! Then have my own way... and fail.
Time will slowly heal The pain, which is now so sharp And will fill with sweetest memories that hole left in your heart Think of the one you miss Think loving thoughts and smile And know that you see her again Though it may be a while In Gods Word find your confort It's as if he holds your hand And know that when in Heaven You are reunited You will understand For althought it may be painful To miss her as you do Let the knowledge that she is with the Father Bring and confort to you Thena
Is it so or are people selfcentered. Has anyone else noticed that you place a comment on someones page from your peeps, and they hop right over to see who placed it. But never say hi or return the favor. The same amount of time it take to check me out takes to say hi!!!! Are some of us just numbers to these peeps.
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