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33 Year Old · Female · From Drums, PA · Invited by: 29327 · Joined on July 22, 2006 · Born on March 14th · 3,620 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!
33 Year Old · Female · From Drums, PA · Invited by: 29327 · Joined on July 22, 2006 · Born on March 14th · 3,620 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!

Since there's no age displayed by default, I guess I should mention here that I'm 22. And yeah, I'm single, but I really don't care to be the object of your perverted affections, so don't waste your time.I recently purchased my first home, and am in the process of having a pool put in.. so that takes up the majority of my free time these days. But I try to make time to hit up plenty of concerts and sporting events. I'm random. I'm quirky. I'm "weird, but in a good way." I have an odd sense of humor. I hate time and rarely pay it any mind. I'm often late. I'm indecisive. I'm fat. I rarely wear make up. I would rather be camping than shopping. I see beauty everywhere and I value all life. I have a tendency to be idealistic, but I'm one of the most practical and grounded people you will meet. I'm very reasonable. I can be blunt and crude, or I can be sweet and obnoxiously polite. I adapt well. I fit in everywhere, and yet nowhere all the same. I can get along with any person of any background. I have no friends. I have no enemies. I'm often alone but rarely lonely. I can't stand when women quote "Sex in the City" or any words spoken or written by those who worked on the show. I prefer original thought over mindless regurgitation. I enjoy a solid debate. I can't stand when a person pulls words out of his ass and presents them as fact. I give excellent advice, but I sometimes have difficulty practicing what I preach. I often know fully well that I'm about to make a horrible decision, and yet I make it enthusiastically. I'm not always right. I'm a hypocrite. I'm human. I'm me. Take it or leave it.

33 Year Old · Female · From Drums, PA · Invited by: 29327 · Joined on July 22, 2006 · Born on March 14th · 3,620 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!
psychology, sociology, Middle Eastern and Indian culture, Buddhism, theology, philosophy, baking, I love to cook but usually suck at it, all things tofutti, traveling, walking slowly/aimlessly and annoying people in the process, getting lost, attempting to play guitar and sing and usually sucking at both, writing, reading, art, music of all types - good and bad (and I don't care if you think the stuff I like sucks,) nonviolence, awesome people, being appreciative and taking nothing for granted, finding the good in people/situations, ego stroking (seriously - if you ever need an ego boost, just spend a week with me), being myself, being insane, no limit hold'em, smurfs, rubber ducks, snowcones, walking in the rain, playing in the snow, building snowmen, attempting to snowboard and nearly killing myself every time, night swimming, scambaiting, talking to random strangers, acting like an idiot, babbling incoherently, being overly polite, apologizing needlessly and excessively, people watching, fireworks, doing the goofy stuff I enjoyed as a kid, giving people something to laugh at, rocking at life and sucking at life simultaneously, staying up until dawn and sleeping until dusk, staying in pajamas all day, spending far too much time on the interweb, being a dork, being "weird - but in a good way," making an ass of myself, obsessing over trivialities and nonsense, and wasting money on crap I don't need.
Harry Chapin, Johnny Cash, Jim Croce, Billy Joel, Meat Loaf, Keane, Face to Face, Julie Roberts, Sarah McLachlan, Sara Evans, Cyndi Thomson, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Jewel, Jimmy Buffet, Morrissey, The Smiths, Dropkick Murpheys, Gang Green, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue, Alanis Morissette, The Weakerthans, Rilo Kiley, Jane Siberry, Nan Vernon, Jacqui Naylor, Mila Drumke, Connie Evingson, Cassandra Wilson, Sara K, Holly Cole Trio, Sophie Zelmani, Butterfly Boucher, Jeri Brown, Miles Davis, Rinde Eckert, Rachelle Ferrell, Frou Frou, Damien Rice, Damien Dempsey, Two Loons for Tea, Rachael Yamagata, Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, A Flock Of Seagulls, Billy Idol, Tears for Fears, Phil Collins, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Eagles, Cake, Air Supply, The Police, Genesis, Kottonmouth Kings, ICP, ABK, Myzery, Twiztid, Breakdown, Bulldoze, SFAR, Rancid, Ringworm, Anthrax, Europe, Fastball, Semisonic, Goo Goo Dolls, Eve6, Suzanne Vega, Hall and Oates, Tom Petty, Def Leppard, Europe, Scorpions, Cherry Pie, Alice in Chains, Blessed Union of Souls, Temptations, Alkaline Trio, Schleprock, Jerry's Kids, Green Day, gob, NOFX, MXPX, Slapshot, Snapcase, 1208, Dead Kennedys, Operation Ivy, The Drifters, and last and certainly least: Milli Vanilli - gotta blame it on somethin! last.fm playlist As far as concerts go, I'm completely spoiled. It's a rarity to find me anyone other than in a suite or the first 3 rows. I figure I might as well do it right while I still can!
I've loved every Robert DeNiro movie I've seen, just about any cheesey Julia Stiles or Drew Barrymore crapfest, RADIO, The Butterfly Effect, Edward Scissorhands, Goonies, Gremlins, Breakfast Club, Detroit Rock City, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Slackers, Uncle Buck, Eurotrip, Grind, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (which is the only Jim Carrey movie I've ever enjoyed,) A Beautiful Mind, Artificial Intelligence, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Anger Management, The Day After Tomorrow, The Professional, We Don't Live Here Anymore, Exorcism of Emily Rose, Chasing Holden, Crash, Star Wars, The Manchurian Candidate, Basic, A Few Good Men.

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