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Living CoLour's blog: "An Ultra guy"

created on 05/05/2009  |  http://fubar.com/an-ultra-guy/b293966

About me

If any of yous didn't know http://fubar.com/user/377378 is my account, but it's abandoned.


With that being said, the question(s) that baffle alot of ppl's minds is why I've never dated or had anyone. The answer is a couple of things. One, is that I have to be sure I can handle it. Another is that Im admiting I'm too busy trying to find mS. Right, because I don't want to waste my time. Now there's a start for ya...

    I have seen alot and have experienced alot in my years leading to my late twenties. I am very visual and Im a watcher, and I have learned from mistakes that I have made and others. It's made me a stronger person. I came on Fubar as a 'safe' means of flirting and mingling with girlfriends. I keep my list short so I can better attend to those special to me.

    I have safe habits I eat healthy, my addiction is moretheless Vault soda I LOVE IT* not cigarettes, weed ganja or all everyone's crap so I say it. I'm not nor was ever out to win a 'how many people can I bang contest' no that's plain wrong and gross! I knew a collegue at work named Nikki that did just that, and this  (now 21) year old now has HIV. So I'm not a wrong ful individual I just like to have my space and keep life simple.

<img src="http://www.lavalife.com/008/member/viewPic.act?context=anrr&pic_type=mypicture&fileName=2005%2F05%2F21%2F22%2F104262551678.jpeg" width"240" height"180" </

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