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Before you must leave This evening, this hour And the rush of this moment is through I want to tell you How good it felt to Completely surrender to you Feeling you close Right here besides me Almost suspended in time I don't want to move I don't want to let go I don't want to leave this behind Honey, stay in my arms Stay in this cradle And rock me to sleep Tell me you're able To make time stand still And there's nowhere you've got to be Stay in this moment with me The wind through the window The words that we whisper A touch only true love can claim As long as the moonlight chases the shadows There's nothing that I want to change Honey, stay in my arms Stay in this cradle And rock me to sleep Tell me you're able To make time stand still And there's nowhere you've got to be Honey, stay in my arms Stay in this cradle And rock me to sleep Tell me you're able To make time stand still And there's nowhere you've got to be

Pt 2

Well it's time I posted part 2 of about me.. I was born in 1961....I was for the most part a happy and healthy baby...with one small glitch. I didn't have a socket for the ball of my hip to fit into. The doctors had to break my hip and force the ball of my hip to form it's own socket. The doctors told my mom and dad that I would probably never walk. Well when I was old enough I went to Shriner's Cripple Childrens and had to wear my shoes on the wrong feet and they were UGLY shoes too...lol. I remember the day I finally got to wear "girl" shoes for the first time. I was in 2nd grade and my mom got me a pair of black and white saddle shoes...boy was I proud..... I remember we went to where my 2nd dad was working for the gas company at that time and told him that I was finally ok.... He said my face was a beam of light that day. My brother had the same thing but his wasn't as severe as mine. He really enjoyed the time I was in my "frog" cast.. My mom said he used to sit on me while I was laying on the floor on my belly and I was trying to crawl along and used to give him rides. She always said that that made me have very strong upper body strength and we always laugh and say that's what caused me to have such big boobs....now they're smaller because of the surgery I had back in June but that's ok...I love these much better. oh sorry, guess I got a little off track there. hehehehehe Anyways, since both my brother and I had this "defect", we had our kids checked for it also. He has two daughters and one son and as all of you know I have two daughters. Luckily, none of the kids had this problem. My mom lost two babies after me. One was early in the pregnancy and the other she was 5 months along. The doctors told her that one if not both of these children would have been completely crippled from this. Where is came from who knows....but if my girls ever have babies, I'll make sure they are checked for this defect also. When my mom lost the 2nd baby, she was told that she had cancer...uterine cancer...so in some small way I guess that was GOD's way of saving her life. Back then, they didn't do chemo like they do now. But she survived that and several other cancers scares also....My mom always says that she would beat that first one because she refused to let anyone but her raise her babies...she's a strong woman....and I love her very much....she has sacrificed much for both my brother and I...and I find that I have done the same for my girls.....and I hope they do the same for their babies some day if they have any.... Ok...so now I've rambled on so that's enough for one day..... I will continue to write more of these pieces of my life as my time allows. I love you all....thanks for being great friends.... hugs and kisses Lisa
I've been here on this site for a little while now and I've met tons of wonderful caring people....I love you all...granted some more than others but the love that I feel for all of you is precious to me just as you are all very precious to me... Thank you all for your birthday wishes and virtual gifts....I feel that I have the best group of friends here..... For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to chat with me, I want to take a few minutes to tell you a few things about me. I am the mother to two very wonderful young ladies...Amber (20) and Mandi (17)....seems like just yesterday I was holding them as babies in my arms. They are my absolute best friends....some people in my life hate that but that is their problem...not mine or my girls'. They grew up way too fast...so if you have little ones..hold them...enjoy them and love with with everything you have because one day you will open your eyes and they will be young adults. I lost my father when I was 22....to a drunk driver...this person and I use that term very loosely took a man from my life who was my rock...I have missed him every single day since April 21, 1984.... I know that I am supposed to forgive that person, but I can't....He not only took my father from me, but he took my girls' grandpa too...a man they would have loved and cherished but one they never had the opportunity to meet. They say our loved ones watch over us and I know that's true...but I still miss him.. My girls were lucky, however, to have another man who was their grandpa who loved them with all of his heart and soul. This man was my 2nd dad....I refuse to call him my step-dad, he was my 2nd dad. He was the one who was there when my girls' were born. He was the one who loved and spoiled them beyond belief (LOL)....We've lost him too. It's been almost 4 years....but I consider myself lucky...not many people have two great men in their lives that they can call DAD.....and I have two special angels watching over me and my girls... Ok...so that's enough of my rambling on for one day...this is part 1...sometime in the very near future...part 2 will be here..... Thanks for reading this and maybe just maybe this little bit about me will help you all understand me.... Happy Sunday and Love to All.. Lisa
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