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created on 07/10/2007  |
A is for attacking the phone everytime it rings. Even if it means sleeping with the handset or nearly careening off the highway trying to reach your phone in your purse on the case it is your soldier calling. B is for boxes. Packing them, unpacking them, shipping them, receiving them, using them to store precious letters... A Military Wife handles a lot of boxes. C is for cheering your head off when your soldier finally comes home from that LOOONNNGGG deployment!!! D is for deployments, and the deployments that extend. E is for the Excitement you feel when you know he is coming very soon after being away for a LONGGGGG time!! F is for the friendships that come and go due to moving every three years, and for those that last a lifetime no matter what the distance. G is for the Good friends you will meet despite knowing them for a short span of time. H is for the helpful hands that come when they are needed. I is for IRAQ, the nastiest 4 letter word we know! J is for how you JUMP for JOY when homecoming comes. K is for Kitchen where you prepare gourmet snacks and scrub and scrub, just to keep your mind occupied. L is the love you have for your soldier. M is for the marriage that survive the struggles that come with being a Military wife. N is for Naughty time when "daddy" gets home! O is for OPSEC- learn it- know it- live by it....... P is patience! God knows you need it.... Q Is for the Questions you have to deal with every day. "When is he coming home?" "Will he get to come home for Christmas?" "Does he plan on getting out after he comes back?" "Why did he re-enlist?" and.... R is for RnR of course! With all these dang deployments, families LIVE for RnR! T is for the time you have with him while he is home. U is for the UGLY brown briefs we have to see our husbands wear! V is for the variety of different places you will go! W IS FOR THE WORRIES.......WHERE IS HE......WHEN IS IT GONNA BE OVER........... X is for the eXtra hugs and kisses you try to squeeze in right before they get on the plane... Y is for the yawns caused by all of the late night phone calls or IM sessions, the long days, the sleepless nights and the hot nights spent with your man when neither of you gets any sleep. Z is for the time ZONES that we have to count to figure out what time is it where ever they are deployed or stationed at while they are away
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