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Mrs DarkAngel's blog: "My Poems "

created on 04/24/2012  |  http://fubar.com/my-poems/b347806





From the depths of hell crucified in flames.

With the fires of hell I am reborn an angel.

Seas of demonic blood rises higher.

Throughout the dark I creep.

Through slashed veins my blood flows.

Black wings upon my back and

 Saturated fangs my corpse grows.

Over the oceans and through out
The sands of time,

My pain spreads throughout the land.

Mesmerizing people with torture and fear.

Let it be recognized that I am here.

 I am here and the end is near.

Now ends your fortune, so prepare to breathe your last

Don’t let it be imminent.

The time of misery and judgment

Is now.
cast no shadows on this earth as

Not to be seen.

I am the one,

The one, who’s forename brings

 fear and heart break.

For I am the dark angel

The bringer of doom.

Don’t attempt to defy, I have preserved your sepulcher.

Why do you contradict me and deny our fate.

You can’t turn back now it is too past due.

Go to your heart and beg for salvation.

Oh did I disregard to reveal

Glance if you must

Because I am everywhere.

The rich and the loved will be filled with despair.
heir corpses will rot to the bone.

Isn’t it apparent you’re relatively alone?

When the sealed gates of hell are released

Better plummet to your knees and beg for


A mortal, an angel, and a savior you be praying for.

Soon I will arrive, and the world be bleeding.

Pain and sorrow

There will be no tomorrow.

The end is here, the end is now.

Plummet to your knees and prepare to die.
The sovereign of broken hearts

Has came here to relinquish,

The same pain that you enslaved in me.

The dark angel is here And wants redemption.

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