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30 Year Old · Male · From Jacksonville, NC · Joined on July 19, 2011 · Relationship status: Single · Born on March 17th · I have a crush on someone!
30 Year Old · Male · From Jacksonville, NC · Joined on July 19, 2011 · Relationship status: Single · Born on March 17th · I have a crush on someone!

My name is Justin. I come from a small farming community in Indiana where I was taught how to work hard for a days pay, be mindful of others and respect their values and outlooks on life, and how to treat a woman and respect her. I've been in the USMC for the last 6 years and I have been deployed 3 times to weave this countries blanket of freedom so all the liberal fucks can go around running there mouth and talking shit about the military. I take my job seriously and I know, understand, have seen some of the most unimaginable things happen in combat. I'm divorced and don't mind talking about the series of events that happened that lead to where I am at now. I have a daughter and I love her with all my heart. She is a pure daddies girl in the way that she acts, looks, and how she never wants to leave my side when I take her back to her mother. I wouldn't trade that for the world. It sucks being divorced and not always being there for her as I am always away doing training or getting deployed. I know it takes a toll on her as well as living in 2 different states makes it much harder. There are certain songs that I listen to and will strike a nerve and it released the flood gates. I will never love another woman as much as I love my little girl....its not a joke its a fact my daughter will always be number 1 and if I ever end up tied down again by a beautiful she will be number 2. If you don't have a heart and you feel like bashing me over being a POS father because I am divorced I will say this you might want to watch what the fuck comes out you mouth next I am twice the fuckin man you/your bf/your lover will ever be and I do my damnedest to do anything and everything I can for my little girl. Being in the Marine Corps and going through the situations that I have been in or been around has caused me to mature much sooner than most in my generation have. It has also made me much wiser about the way the world and people work. I have some of the greatest friend in the Marine Corps and I continue to make more the longer I stay in. I am mainly on here to make friends and have people to converse with while I am sitting and rotting here in Afghanistan when I am not able to go out and do my job. I can be one of the nicest, sweetest, and friendliest individuals you have met in a while or I can me you biggest nightmare or worst enemy. I don't give 2 fucks about drama I really don't so please keep it off my shit. If I make a post about something that randomly comes out of my mouth by all means leave a comment on it. If you see me on here by all means please talk to me I can only talk to the guys in the platoon over the same shit so many times before I want to slam my head in the door of a MRAP. Like me, Rate me, send me drinks and shit by all means but it means the world to actually spend a few minutes having a conversation with someone who can talk to me about things other than stuff that is military related. No that doesn't mean I want to know about the most recent fuck up by some dumb-ass celebrity (seeing how worthless America seems to be caught up with anymore) I want to how your day has been, how the economy is doing, the BS that is going on with our nation, stuff that I have no idea is going on since I am isolated in the middle of Afghanistan. So thank you whoever you are that sits and actually takes the time to read this and send a friendly hello or likes and sends me a friend request. Take care have a nice day!

30 Year Old · Male · From Jacksonville, NC · Joined on July 19, 2011 · Relationship status: Single · Born on March 17th · I have a crush on someone!
country, rock, metal, classic rock......thats about it
any that result in being cuddled up to a beautiful woman

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  • schmick Just want to let y'all know I am finally home from Afghanistan!!! Been home now just over 3 weeks enjoying the fact that I am home and have tons of stuff going on so Ill be hit or miss on here.
    • Shel Welcome home
      5 years ago · Reply
    • Nobody thanks for the warning but glad you made it back safely even tho I talked to you about a week ago btw it was good to hear your voice Goober
      5 years ago · Reply
    • XxFoxRacing07xX Congrats on coming home safely!!!
      5 years ago · Reply

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