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59 Year Old · Male · From Bay Minette, AL · Joined on May 1, 2011 · Relationship status: Single · Born on June 20th

I am a true Loner by choice.I will help anyone here or in real life that I can.I am just looking for real friends.I am a very free spirit.I return likes and rates when I am here. Randy

59 Year Old · Male · From Bay Minette, AL · Joined on May 1, 2011 · Relationship status: Single · Born on June 20th
My beliefs on the world.Please form your own opinion.I have been convinced that the world is flat and domed.The Bible calls the dome a firmament.The Earth is God's footstool.NASA is a liar for they cannot enter space.Their head rocket engineer Wernher Von Braun died and had PSALMS 19:1 placed on his tombstone.There is outer space called the Heavens but man cannot penetrate the firmament to get to it.I believe that Satan is the father of Cain.It is hard to imagine that man would suffer so greatly over the eating of a fruit so I think that Satan had sex with Eve then Adam had sex with Eve.Jesus said to some people that they were of the Devil.A human woman can give birth to twins that have different fathers.Many things that we are taught in school and life are false.Jesus who died for us is hated by most but not by me for I fear the Wrath of God.Our government produces many lies.The twin towers and building 7 were dropped by a carefully prepared demolition.The New world order controls most people in music and Hollywood.The weather is often controlled by HARRP.The CERN project is a very evil force in Sweden that has done many bad things.They are coliding matter with anti-matter at very high speeds.They are trying to open a porthole to Hell where their father lives.They created the Mandela Effect which changed present times and history it even changed many Bible words especially the K.J.V. version.The pope is an evil satanic bastard.These are some of the things that I study.I do not believe like most.This is just a small sample of what I believe.I am awake!
Metal,Hard Rock,and Classic Rock.NO COUNTRY,AND NO RAP!!!
Robert E. Lee,Ace Frehley,Zakk Wylde,Eric Von Daniken,Jesse Ventura,The group Anonymous,Edward Casey,and Eric Snowden.
Video Games
I play jump from 1 pile of shit,to the next,and I wear flop's!

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