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49 Year Old · Female · From Buffalo, NY · fu-Owned by away and is worth 25,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on January 22, 2011 · Relationship status: Single · Born on January 5th · 4 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 5 different people have a crush on me!


If you use a comment pic on your page that I have sent you..it would be nice if you said ty or in some way acknowledged you got it from me! If you don't...I will stop sending comments

Hello there..

I'm going to start out by being very blunt and say...just because you need a ton of fans or friends to reach a certain level...or to keep you high in the ratings game..DON'T come on my page and tell me that you liked, rated, and fanned me so do it to you!!! I didn't ask you to..get it..? You took it upon yourself to do it...

Now if you are someone who comes to me and says hello and takes an interest in a friendship with me...then I would want to fan you..that is MY choice...I'm not here for you...lol..so think again..

And especially if we have been friends before and you rarely bothered with me..there was a reason I deleted you!

Show respect...or dont bother.

If you need help or someone you know needs help with leveling and I can help..I am more than happy to...but dont expect me to if you hardly bother with me or my friends..it goes both ways...

Just like sending rates, likes, and comments every day...if I send you a comment..I have definitely rated and liked you...I dont use your comment to send you one back..I GO TO YOUR PAGE...and do it all..please do the same for me...or I will stop.

I have been on alot of profiles lately...I always rate n like even if just checkin you out..I'm just that way..would be nice if the same were returned...oh gee..I'm sorry I'm not the 25 yr old you were looking for to drool over her pics and do the "deed" over her pics...lol..and while we're at it..do women really do that crap on live chat to get bling ???? WTF?...I guess 98% of the women on here get to higher levels by being pigs or pretending to be good friends with the poor lonely guys who actually believe they care and want to be real friends...

I know this is a game...but really..I could care less .....I like making friends..meeting new and different people....I like to know what makes people tick..the rest...well..whatever...I just see how it goes....get nasty or rude...and who knows what I may say ...be nice...and the same goes...lol..but if you're a dumbass..leave me alone...I spend all day at work with too many of them...

And all you people out there...who are REALLY nice..good hearted people....stop on by..let me know you were here...and come again...thank the Lord for people like you!

I change my friends around and family around all the time..it is ..what it is...I have my reasons...for all those who have me in their families...thank you so much...I'm lovin it...and especially if you have me in your top 6 family members....thank you..I am truly flattered ...love you..

If you're chronically snide and/or sarcastic...save it....I can't stand that crap...you're not really that clever hun...just plain nasty and unhappy...

And I am not here to work to be ever so witty to help you pass some dead time because you're so bored with your wife and 2 kids so that you feel wanted and sexy again....forget that too!...you bore me
Do not post links to lounges or anything of that nature...really not interested..no time for it..

Please dont send me requests to play any games..i have no desire nor time to play them...dealing with some of the people one here are games enough for me!

P.S.....if you are a true friend...and I honestly care about you....then I love you.....just sayin.....

`~ L O V E ~

 photo Give_me_your_Hand_by_JordanRobin_zpse4bc4780.jpg

~ L O V E ~

By my wonderful friend~ Momentary Muse...ty
What love is this, more than I can process
It consumes me, my heart it does possess
Searching so long and so wonderful to find
A lady who matches me in heart and mind
One of piety, acceptance, and truly smart
Who mesmerizes my mind as well as heart
This love hit me like a bolt out of clear blue
And I gladly surrender to this love for you

 photo corsets_zps5a7e6fd1.jpg

~ L O V E ~
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49 Year Old · Female · From Buffalo, NY · fu-Owned by away and is worth 25,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on January 22, 2011 · Relationship status: Single · Born on January 5th · 4 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 5 different people have a crush on me!
I love music...art..animals (don't have any right now but thinking of getting a kitty)..
My music taste is very eclectic..from Nickelback (Far away) ..Velvet Revolver(Fall To Pieces)..to Kenny Chesnney (Somewhere With You)..to Loreena McKennitt to Andreas Bocelli (Love in Portifino) and everything inbetween..
As for art..my father was an artist and I grew up with it...I love anything that makes me stop and think and moves me...and also appreciate erotic photography...love black and white..

Have a passion for movies ..nothing like lazin in bed with a good movie all comfy with someone...
Like everything but horror movies...some of my favorites: The Green Mile, To Kill A Mockingbird, Shawshank Redemption, The Last Samuri, Crash, The Story Of O, The Matrix..and many more...

I do not like crude guys ..never did ..never will...so please dont contact me about sending you naked photos or you sending me any...I appreciate someone with class and self respect..

Im here for friends and anything more....well....whatever will be..will be..
Shawshank Redemption....Last Samuri..Crash..Thelma and Louise..Harold the Rabbit(with Jimmy Stewart)..To Kill a Mockingbird..
I like some old black and white.......many more....

Some childrens movies I used to watch with my son when he was little..
Idols?...hmmm....I respect and look up to people who accomplish things with a bit of struggle in their lives.....from Mother Theresa to the artist Pollack.....to Leonardo DaVinci to my older sister who raises her two grandaughters by herself and the one has emotional issues ...when she should be enjoying this time of her life quietly....

I dont feel fake ..selfish..self-centered people should be idolized as seems to be the norm in our society today.......but hey.......thats just my opinion.....

I like getting to know people who are....real.....

..................................................thank you.

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