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31 Year Old · Female · From Santa Rosa Beach, FL · Joined on August 30, 2010 · Born on January 1st · 1 person has a crush on me!
31 Year Old · Female · From Santa Rosa Beach, FL · Joined on August 30, 2010 · Born on January 1st · 1 person has a crush on me!

Ok.. I keep getting asked the same questions in SB....1) Why no pics of you? Answer: I had pics on here on my last profile for 2 years, the met a guy I fell in love with. We were both on fubar, but he didn't like me having pics (of any kind) on here that guys can look at. He told me if I really loved hime I would take all those pics off. So, I did. I even went a step further and deleted that old profile and started this new one where no one but him even knew who I was. Well, evidently, he found someone else on here, and broke up with me. No I will not put up any pics of me. I made a promise. I keep promises... Besides, there are murderers, sex offenders, and who know what else on here looking at your pics people. You really want that?2) Why no salute? Answer: Same reason as above (that would be a pic of me right?) Well, I have something to say about that too. If all you fucking idiots on here believe someone is real because they have a salute, you need a real life. I have a real life, and my real life friends and family know who I am. Besides, I actually met 3 people from here with an approved salute. One was a HOTT guy about my age. Had a salute and tons of pics. Safe to meet right. We talked for several months. When we met, he was an old lesbian woman (nothing wrong with that ladies- just not for me). All the pics were of her nephew who was a camera slut (I think everyone knows at least one). The second one was a guy, but the hott pics were from 30 years ago. I never did find out how he managed the salute, maybe his son, someone that looked like him? The last one was my ex. Point is, a salute don't make people real.3) Why don't I chat? Simply, been there, done that. Like I said, I met my ex on here. Not looking to meet any more guys on here. I'll do that in real life. I will put pics and things on here that I think will entertain all you guys and girls.. so enjoy.4) Last question... Am I spying on my ex??? NO!!!.. He has his profile set where I can;t get on it because I don't have a salute. I haven't removed him from my friends list and I won't. I did not break any promises, and I won't. Also, for me to be spying, I'd have to be sneaking behind his back watching right? Well, since I can't see his page, but he can see everything I am doing, that makes ME the spy? Your thinking is flawed I think..Anyways.. I am trying to have fun on here. If you can't enjoy my page because I don't have "Real pics" or a "Real salute" then I'm sorry, but fuck off..... I know some camera sluts too.. Would getting them to pose for those pics for me make me real? HHmmmm Think about that.. I could be old, young, male female, skinny, fat.. I know all types.. Just sayinOH.. And read my blog.. I'm not talking to everyone in it, but the ones I am talking about will (or should) know who they are!!!!

31 Year Old · Female · From Santa Rosa Beach, FL · Joined on August 30, 2010 · Born on January 1st · 1 person has a crush on me!
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