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39 Year Old · Female · From Jacksonville, FL · Joined on August 16, 2010 · Relationship status: Single · Born on July 24th · 1 referrals joined! · 17 different people have a crush on me!

My name is Rhiannon. I'm nerdy and do dorkish things. Don't expect a lot of flirtatious innuendo or sexual talk out of me. It just isn't my style. I could very easily be a tart if I wanted, but I don't look at this as a dating site and I am NOT HERE TO HOOK UP. If you can't respect that, there's the door. Have at it. I'm not a swinger, not interested in couples, or an online fling/affair/whatever. Please try to respect that...and if you can't. * points * there's the door...Feisty as I may be, I'm here for my friends and that's that.

I'm an artist. I draw for a living. I work from home. Yes, my job is amazing. You can see my work in my folders. NO I will not:

- work for free
- design/draw the tattoo that you've "had an idea for forever but didn't know an artist to draw it" for you
- do the interior art for your graphic novel that you just KNOW is going be huge
- introduce you to Stan Lee, George Lucas, or any other celebrity you think is in my phone.
- draw/design your RPG character
- give you sneak peeks
- get you into cons for free as my guest or helper
- give you discounts because you "know me "
- give you insider information on anything

I am not here to go to your lounge so respect that also please. Mind your manners and we'll get along just fine. Don't kiss my ass, don't ask me to give you shit if I really don't know you. I am not interested in "curious" couples, and if you ask me to be your Mistress, Master, Mommy, or whatever else, I will block thee, like, with a quickness. I am not interested AT ALL in being pampered, spoiled, or taken care of. I don't believe in it.

You should also know I'm trans. It's 2018; get over it aready.

That about covers it for now, Poodles. Carry on.

39 Year Old · Female · From Jacksonville, FL · Joined on August 16, 2010 · Relationship status: Single · Born on July 24th · 1 referrals joined! · 17 different people have a crush on me!
In as concise a list as possible...

Music, Movies, Comics, Art, Sleep, Travel, Reading, Learning, Food, Dreaming, Laughing, and my closest friends....that's what my world consists of.

* Random facts about Rhi Rhi *

* well, firstly, I'm a tranny. So there.
* I've never broken a bone
* My name "Dangerous Beauty " is the name of a movie. It's not a conceited claim or boastful title. I don't take myself that seriously.
* I loathe passive aggression.
* If you can't "man up" and just be honest, do NOT waste my time. Liars are at the top of my shit list.
* I don't have a "type". If you were to line up my exes, the only thing that they would have in common is that they all have peens and are now exes.
* Women online who pride themselves on being scathing bitches because "they don't care what you think" are just as guilty of being insecure, ignorant, and fake as the people they love to bash. And they amuse me.
* I have nothing to hide, but wear no banners over my head begging for people to ask questions about my life.
* I am who I am because it's right for me. I do not come from a broken background. I am no one's statistic.
* I generally do not trust people in person easily or quickly, so, if you think being online gives you and edge, you need to spend more time in the real world
* I spend money like it's not important because I refuse to be a slave to dollar signs and horde it like I have some master plan to be rich. I like what I like and when I want it, I get it. The end.
* I don't crucify you for others' mistakes. I ask the same.
* Breaking promises and forgetting the things you say you will do is the quickest way to hurt me, irritate me , or push me away. Even the little things. It ALL counts.
* I've created a professional life that suits me because 9-5 made me miserable.
* ....therefore....I do not buy into people being a product of their environment. Everyone has the ability to make things happen IF they have the passion and drive to match it.
* I am famous. In small circles... and that's how I like it. No paparazzi, no stalkers. Once that happens; game over.
I have a ridiculous amount of links posted in my videos. That scratches the surface of what I "like"....

" Dangerous Beauty " ( see, it's a movie; not a narcissistic claim on my own looks ), " Legend ", " The Color Purple ", " The Sweetest Thing ", " Iron Man ", " Thor ", The X-Men movies ( even though Halle Berry should be kicked in the vag ), " Alien " and " Aliens ", the original and first " Halloween ", John Capenter's " The Thing ", " Silence of the Lambs ", " Ever After ", " 300 ", some foreign stuff, some cartoons, and I LOVE British Sketch comedy.

People who are put on pedestals often crumble under the weight the world tosses on them.
Video Games
If only I had the time....too much to do, but I do like to play when I happen to feel selfish and take a few days off...

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