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71 Year Old · Joined on November 9, 2006 · Born on April 30th
71 Year Old · Joined on November 9, 2006 · Born on April 30th

I am 55 years old and can do anything I want. 5' 8", light brown hair, shoulder length. I am a BBW. On the inside there's a sexy woman to be with. My husband passed away 9 years ago. Haven't found anyone yet.....yes I am still looking! I have four children and two grandchildren. I live in a nice town of Calais, Maine. I love it here. Not much to do. But a two hour drive to Bangor, Elsworth or Bar Harbor can cure that. Worked all my life since my junior year in high school. Graduated from Winnebago High School. Born and raised in Rockford and Winnebago, Illinois.

71 Year Old · Joined on November 9, 2006 · Born on April 30th
I love God, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Ghost, our great country The United States of America, my family and my paycheck! I like different types of music....from A to Z. I change the music to fit my mood. Sometimes that's about three times a day. Love animals, love being in my garden in the early morning hours. It is a great way to start the day. Like being outdoors. Hicking and camping. Love to go fishing and hunting. Someday I want to go bow hunting. I think that would be great. Beaches, swimming, boating..... I also love food....American BBQ any time of the year, Italian, Mexican, Greek.....so on and so on. Some of the places I have traveled to...All the states but Alaska, England, Iceland, France and Guam, Saipan and Tinian. I Love Football........GO Irish!!!!! Yes! NOTRE DAME!! But I also like other sports, like basball, soccor and basketball. But I've gota try a tailgate party. It looks like great fun! Love great movies....new or old ones. I can be a couch potato or be on the go. Love concerts, stage plays, museums..... CherryTAP Images at TweakYourPage.com
I Love All Types of Music...........Play It And I Will Listen. Depending On What Mood I Am In!! Sometimes I Listen To One Type of Music All Day And Then On Another Day I Might Listen To Three or Four Different Types of Music. Do I Have A Favorate? YES......Christmas Music!

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  • Someone ⇒ Mom 43
    Have a wonderful weekend!!! Come by and say hi sometime!! Hope things are well, just wanted to leave some love on your page!! Kristin

    15 years ago · Reply
  • PortlyIrishmanMom 43

    A Friend Is Like A Good Bra...Hard to FindSupportiveComfortableAlways Lifts You UpNever Lets You Down or Leaves You HangingAnd Is Always Close To Your Heart!!!

    15 years ago · Reply
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