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47 Year Old · Male · From Fayetteville, NC · Joined on October 23, 2009 · Born on January 9th · 5 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!
47 Year Old · Male · From Fayetteville, NC · Joined on October 23, 2009 · Born on January 9th · 5 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!

I have many facets to myself and they are all real, and they are all me. I first and foremost, have nothing to hide so I always tell you what's on my mind. Better know the truth, if bitter, than to be betrayed by the lie. Oh, yeah, the profile pic? Yes, that is stuffed monkey. I am a "little" and proud of it. I have no expectations of being on Fu but to hang out with people. I am very opinionated if not quiet, loud when happy, withdrawn when angry, but whichever facet you face, it will be respectful. I can be a nice guy when I am called for and a real foul when it's time.

I am a shameless flirt because I don't expect to get laid. I will oggle at your goodies and appreciate them, for God has made them for us to admire when we get close. I like looking at women, I am not ashamed to say it. I am over complimentary about it. I will say you have nice this or that and tell you are beautiful, and what I say is the truth and my opinion. But I will not ask you to see your NSFW folder because that is just cheap. And don't ask me to give you bucks or credit to see it, I can just go to the "Gentleman's Club" and see them live, and they even let me touch them. In fact, I have a few kinky friend who let me see and touch theirs. The advantages of being in the Lifestyle. If you hang around me, you will warm up to me and find out that even though I can be crass, I am really just a good loyal person who will give you the shirt off his back if you need it. I have friends and family that I will die for, and even strangers because I am not that guy that just stands by and watches torture and death.

I will rate, fan, like and click all the buttons not for points, but for thanking the people for letting me into their profile to do so and to see their pics. If you post them, they are your pride and joy, and they should be admired and rated to the highest degree and I will do so, willingly. I understand you closing your profile to certain people and I respect that, and will move on. I rarely ask for friend adds, not because I hate you, but because I want you to make sure that you want this train wreck as a friend.

I don't do drama and don't really care for it. Fu is not real life, it is a social networking site for adults who should act it. Drama is just a tedious game that I easily ignore. If you are a bully, you have nothing better to do than to egg people on to commit suicide, go you yay woo. I don't cause drama, I ignore it and I will not bully. I'm just here to goof around with adults and speak like one. I warn you, I do say fuck, shit, damn, bitch and other unsavory words but know when and who to say it around. Some words are offensive, I know and I respect that, too.

I respect people's opinions, however harsh it may sound and it will not upset me. Everyone is entitled to their opinions about every subject and I value them.

Pretty much all I can say. nice to meet you. Now get the fuck off my profile.

47 Year Old · Male · From Fayetteville, NC · Joined on October 23, 2009 · Born on January 9th · 5 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!
I am an observer of the human condition and this is the perfect site to do it in. I find it all fascinating. I'm a huge fan of "Schadenfreude".
Music, in my opinion, is a great form of expression. It is so wonderful, sometimes visceral, that certain societies and religions have banned it's use. I don't belong to any of those so I can freely say that I like all genre of music.
Video Games
Just like this site, I play MMO's just to watch chat. Amazing how people can get so emotional over what someone else has done to them over the net. Why get all worked up over someone who wants to just to get just as mad and disenchanted as them? If you react in a negative way towards them, then grats!! you have just proven yourself just as angry and empty as them. Cherish your win, Champion.

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