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Female · Invited by: royboy2163 · Joined on January 24, 2007 · 33 referrals joined! · 175 different people have a crush on me!
Female · Invited by: royboy2163 · Joined on January 24, 2007 · 33 referrals joined! · 175 different people have a crush on me!

Well Hello to you out there in Fuland..."WELCOME" to my spot on the Fu.
My name is Debbie..friends call me Deb
I have BEEN here on Fu comin up on 4yrs in January. Long time I know. I have had some really good times here, but I have also had some very hurtful times here too ,some peeps here have made me cry (many times) I do have feelings, why stay you ask?. ...Luckily for me I have very thick skin contritubted from a very rough childhood but on the other hand it has also given me great character and more compasion for others and really there are MORE nice here than (cruel...) only speaking the truth! If you dont like it sorry... Now enough of that crap,
I will move on to more about Me ....I am 52 and will be 53 in January...A big THANK YOU AND HUGS to all of you who tell me I dont look my age go ahead and flatter me more I like it...lol
I am from the great state of INDIANA home of the fabulous "COLTS" our state also hosts the Indy 500 a hugh event here in Indiana in May. I am a great lover of nature and the outdoors,and thats what is so cool about living here we get to enjoy all of the 4 seasons and I must say Fall is my very favorite one.I also love the ocean and beach, and the mountains,I love music..you will find alot of tunes from the 80's on my page cos I just love 80's tunes. I work in the healthcare field and have since I was a senior in high school been at my local hospital 35 yrs started when i was a senior and hope to retire when i am a senior lol.Hey I am not a senior yet...although some ofyou 25yr olds might think I am ...I also am d-i-v-0-r-c-e-d and and like my single life quite well..it can get a little lonely at times but I have 2 grown daughters and 4 beaautiful grandkids that help keep me company and I have the sweetest cat named Tigger he is a dolland beleive it or not a good friend and a good sleeping partner sometimes the way he curls up next to me on my pillow at nite lol.Oh and I do have a few dates here and there and alot of sweet girlfiends I like to hang with. Oh yea and then there's fu.. I spend alot of time here also. About the photo's I post here...I take most myself with my digital camera I am not one to do nudity, its just not for me.. now that being said I do like to push the envelope as far as I can lol...trust me you dont want to see what i got anyway lol.
Since I have been on Fu I have met many goals here and that part has been a blast (speaking of blast) you will see me up in the blast box alot I like it there it makes the place more fun! I get to meet more of YOU that way. My biggest goal here was to make LEGEND and "Yay"I finally met that goal just recentely after 21,000 fans and counting so if your reading this and have fanned me I want to say THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO DID THROUGH ALL OF MY BEGGING FOR FANS lol because thats how you get to be a legend by how many fans you have so again A BIG THANK YOU to YOU if you have fanned me.Anyway that is what this site is about reaching goals and levels and making new friends through this awesome social site.
Well I guess thats about all I have to say for now "thanks" for reading my profile....if ya did....oh hell does anybody really read this stuff anyway???? LOL
Diamond Deb



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