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45 Year Old · Male · From Kalona, IA · Joined on April 27, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on July 10th · 1 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!
45 Year Old · Male · From Kalona, IA · Joined on April 27, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on July 10th · 1 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!

There are definitely some interesting characters on here!

Anyways, I'm just me. I'm a classic 'What you see, is what you get".

See, all I ask is 4 u not to judge on looks alone but try get to know the person before judging on facial or body features. Hell, I try to have fun even if it makes me look like an immature idiot as long as I can make people laugh, I'll do it. On the other hand, I'm into the mind and behaviors the whole psychology thing.

Classical music,
Old rock n roll,
Showing affection in public, (4 all the women that dig that)
Listening and giving advice if i can,
Defending womens rights to live without fear of being hit(currently dealing with this subject at the moment)
Driving(when I don't get caught hasn't happened but I'm sure it's gonna suck if I do!),
Playing Pool,

Self-Centered & conceited women and guys,
Guys that physically, verbally, emotionally, mentally and sexually hurt/abuse women and/or children,
gas prices,
Theres more, feel free to strike up conversation with me and find out more about the things I think and who I am.
Something thats irresistible to me are women that use a southern accent.(I just melt.)
I'm a hopeless romantic that given a chance,I will make her feel loved, treasured and completely happy. but who will be the lucky woman ???????????????????????

Basically, I'm looking on this site feeling out the options. I'm not to old to go out and have fun, but I'm to old to try to have fun while with more than one woman. I'm looking to settle down, age is upon me~and I don't like one bit!). Yesterday, I was 18 and Today I'm 43. Where may i ask, did the last two and a half decades go??

im mostly always on the book of face under my real name

45 Year Old · Male · From Kalona, IA · Joined on April 27, 2008 · Relationship status: Single · Born on July 10th · 1 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!
Here's some of the stuff that I have written and/or like:

smiles and tears and giggles and laughs, late night calls and cute photographs , I'll be there for you 'til the day of my death, best friends forever 'til my very last breath ...
got your back u got mine, I'll help u out anytime. To see u hurt, to see u cry, makes me weep and wanna die. and if u agree to never fight, it wouldn't matter who's wrong or right, if a broken heart needs a mend, I'll be right there to the end, if your cheeks are wet from drops of tears don't you worry let go of your fears, hand in hand love is sent we'll be friends till the end .....


life is like a movie but yet so different and unfair. We wish that we could say cut and our lives stop so we can retake or delete scenes of what we have said or did and make changes to improve our futures. We also wish that we could record our lives so that our children can see for themselves that we did the same things as they are doing and to prove to them that it didn't work for us and it's not gonna work for them. So that they can change what their doing before it's to late, showing the recording to them we have the chance to explain our actions and how it affected us in our lives..........

The trick is to think about everything we say and do before we do anything at all because we can have both negative and positive results and returns some of the things we do can have serious effect on our children's lives even before they are a thought of conception
the moral of our movie of life is there isn't any outtakes,deletions,cuts,takes or retakes,scripts or rain outs there's just life
live it to the fullest and accomplish as many feats as humanly possible as you can while your living

not are you only following your own personalized path of life you a leader of your children's first walks of life so don't close the doors for your children's sake before they are old enough to reach the doorknobs themselves because the choices we make and the decisions we fore take doesn't mean we can punish our children before they are old enough to make decisions for themselves from the choices and options we give them

more then i,if the truth were told
have stood and sweated hot and cold
and their reigns in ice and fire
fear contended with desire
agued,once like me were they
i like them,shall win my way
lastly to the bed of mold
where there's neither heat or cold
but from my grave across my brow
plays no wind of healing now
and fire and ice within me fight
beneath the suffocating night
from fire starter2
when people are embraced by love
it surrounds them like a glove
their filled with joy like seeing a dove
so now everyone loves to beloved

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  • siiriinaNICE GUY
    Hey There!!I am sirina by name and am 32 years and am looking for love and am single and am new on this site and i think i like your profile if you also want us to get to know more about each other kindly contact me dear.. buttat786 at gee ma il dot com or plus one eight six O four O six three nine 6 5

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    changed a few things editted some others looking to level all help accepted

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  • Enchantress of ...NICE GUY
    Rated, Liked and fanned you.. Thanks for stopping by

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