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36 Year Old · Female · From Gastonia, NC · Joined on April 11, 2006 · Born on March 28th
36 Year Old · Female · From Gastonia, NC · Joined on April 11, 2006 · Born on March 28th

I am a nineteen year old insensitive self-absorbed bitch to the majority. Insensitive, that is, unless provoked otherwise, which sporadically I allow given the right line and/or face. To others I am heaven sent because of my free loving spirit. Sometimes it just hits me how easily I can be turned into a swooning pile of sinew, by someone who speeks to me of "love", and I want to renounce every ounce of my sovereign nature and crawl to the maker of my demeanor's 180. There really is nothing like prefabricated bullshit incentive which I seem to carry in spades. And in case you needed the reminder, I take a remarkably high number of self-portraits. Partially becuase I'm a boderline-narcissist in my absence of sobriety and partially because I lack others to photograph. Anyone could regurgitate a sunset or pretty flower. But it takes true talent to make an ugly person beautiful.I'm a sucker for emotionless eyes, cold hands, anonymous love letters, chapped fucking lips, and kicking people in the eyebrows. people who get the joke. people who just dont give a shit, irrational sluts, people who like driving with no aim. people who never fit in and not by choice. living contradictions with feet.I do realize that my legs not being spread across my sister's friend's Civic while holding some figg flavored vodka puts me at a bit of a disadvantage. That or you noticed that im not your average annorexic slutragg. Well, maybe you cannot deduce that from the photos but I assure you that im a healthy plus-size woman. I have absolute faith in you finding much more things about me that aren't perfect. So if you want to send me running for the razors, or straight into your ego feeding masculine (possibly feminine) arms, act now. I am a compilation of kind-hearted eyes, poorly groomed hair, and a smart-ass mouth. I have a psychotic imagination, a snazzy pair of polka dotted highheels, and a strong sense of boredom and indifference, all without which, I would be lost. I live in a town where the scene is large. And by scene I mean there are fucking pansey ass wannabe's everywhere. And I don't focus the 'scene' just on the music scene.. Everyone who is anyone these days wants and/or needs to belong. It's pathetic how the society makes a ten year old dress and if she is sixteen because she needs to be beautiful. It is a load of shit. My accent is far more annoying than most people will admit and my days involve a little less incest. I major in Medicine and minor in Rap Artist impersonations. My resources are limited. I work with my natural abilities. I enjoy three month-stands fluctuated with sleep and discourse, of which, I am currently overdue. No complaints however, I have a tendency to stall these things out past their expiration dates.I drink too much apple juice and eat too many tic-tacs. I am a musician, a poet, a scholar, and a disciple. I am a cynical optimist...an idealist and a dreamer. I am always looking for a new dream or a new prayer to pray. I want to be recklessly passionate. I want to rip myself out of this automated "Do-you-want-fries-with-that" existence and make a genuine human connection. D.H. Lawrence once told a story about two people that cross paths with each other and, instead of continuing to walk away, they decide to accept what Lawrence called the "confrontation between their souls." It's like freeing the reckless gods within. So talk to me...and remind us both why we invented language in the first place.contact info:aim - bulletxinxrulletyahoo - blueyeed_normajeanmyspace.com/blackesttears

36 Year Old · Female · From Gastonia, NC · Joined on April 11, 2006 · Born on March 28th
music, movies, beautiful people, bowling, pool, thrift store shopping, shows, meeting random people, me, you, myspace..duh
A A Fall Semester A Perfect Murder A Static Lullaby A18 Adicts Against All Authority Against Me Agent Orange Aiden Alkaline Trio Allister Amber Pacific Anberlin Angry Samoans Anti-Flag As I Lay Dying Assmar Atmosphere Atreyu Atticus Avenged Sevenfold B Bad Fathers Bad Religion Bayside BBMAK Ben Folds/Five Billy Talent Black-Flag Bleed The Dream Blood for Blood Boys Night Out Brand New Brazil C Count The Stars Cursive D Darkest Hour Dead Kennedys Dead Poetic Dead to Fall Death By Stereo Descendents Demon Hunter Driving East Dynamite Boy E Eighteen Visions Emery Every Time I Die F Face First Face to Face Fall Out Boy Fear Before the March of Flames Flogging Molly From Autumn to Ashes From First to Last Funeral For a Friend G GG Allin Glass Casket Glass Jaw God Forbid Goldenboy H Hatebreed Hawthorne Heights Hidden in Plain View Hopesfall Hot Rod Circuit I In Flames J Josh Gracin K Killswitch Engage L Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards Left Alone Less Than Jake Letter Kills M Mae Matchbook Romance Maxeen Michael Jackson Millencolin Minor Threat Minority Party Moneen Motion City Soundtrack Much The Same Mullet Militia My Chemical Romance N Names Taken No Motiv Norma Jean Northstar O Onward to Olympas Over It P Praga Khan Poison The Well Portishead Project 86, Pulley Punchline Q -none- R Ramones Rancid Rise Against River City Rebels Rufio S Saves The Day Scatter The Ashes Senses Fail Sheer Terror Silverstein Slayer Social Distortion Southside Punx Spill Canvas Spitalfield Stairwell Stars Hide Fire Static-X Stretch Arm Strong Subhumans Suffocate Faster Suicide Machines Swingin' Utters T Taking Back Sunday The Ataris The Beautiful Mistake The Bled The Bouncing Souls The Bravery The Casualties The Derelicts The Early November The Clash The Cure The Get Up Kids The Hives The Hurt Process The Killers The Lowercase Thieves The Matches The Mile After The Misfits The Reverend Horton Heat The Starting Line The Strokes The Unseen The Vacancy The Vandals The Vindictives Thousand Foot Krutch Thought Riot Three Days Grace Thrice Thursday Tiger Army U Underoath V -none- W Without End X -none- Y Yesterdays Rising Z Zao Zombie Gutz i could go on for days..
horror, scary
local musicians, big women who do their thing

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