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hello first off to all my friends who keep it real or realistic. I am a single, hard working father. My time is important to me, and very limited and becoming even more so. What time I have on here, or yahoo, or on the phone is valuable to me. I am not here for points or to boost anyones points, I am here to make real friends with real people who are sincere and know the difference in what is a real value, and it sure isn't a ranking or points on a site. I have a brain, I can tell the difference in how people actually are on here, so why try and bullshit and say your here for something your clearly not, if this is just fun and games to you, save yourself and me the time, if we aren't really going to be friends why try to act like it, I am not going to buy it long. This site has too much stuff that shows your activity, so why claim to be somewhere else when it post the times of that activity, I am not anyones boyfriend and answer to nobody and nobody needs to answer to me. So why not just say you were busy playing the points, the bullitens or whatever you are doing honestly, thats where real respect in friendships form, lieing trying to act like your something your not shows too easily here, and in the longrun only shows you lie and no real foundation to friendships can ever be formed in such a manner, so why not try being real and honest, some can handle hearing it, some just can't handle telling it.
Be nice, I've heard it, was taught and raised to be kind since kindness supposedly can get kindness in return. I am beginning to think that is a day long gone for most, yet it is something I cannot change in me. It is something that became a part of me at a very early age. Don't get me wrong, I have a badboy side to me, and am also a bit of a rebel and even buck the system at times, I just do it in a kind manor, lol. Yet in todays society, it doesn't always bring kindness in return, it gets you told how sweet you are often, but what girl wants sweet anymore, they only want to find the big bad boy and hope he will be kind for them. The kind man is considered too soft for showing that side first as a friend and nothing else is noticed, leaving us lonely and pushed to the back burner, yes, as I said, cursed
I don't know about most of you, but I am starting to think this site is only good for those who have no life. Seems you only get messeges and of course shouts by being online. I don't know about most of you, but i'd like to meet someone to hang out with and do things other than just online. I don't have the time to live on FUBAR in order to have someone to talk to. I have started posting blogs more since I can't be on here all the time, starting to show me who really has any interest in whats going on with me, and I am always sure to reply to those messeges. If you are looking for real friends, follow my blog, lets chat, and for gods sake, GET REAL, not virtual. I'm not here to get you points, and I am not looking for them from you, some things mean more to me.
Some of you may have actually taken the time to read my profile or maybe actually know the kind of man that I am. I am very open, very honest, and i speak my mind and speak from the heart for this is who I am. I have over the last few years gotten to know so many women, and even met a few, and i see the same pattern over and over again. We always seem to become wonderful friends, and some at some point they may have meant more to me. Some have hoped they could get it back from me at a later point, but that is hard to do, when my heart is not cared for truly over the players and attention from those just hoping for a good time, I realize the good time boys mean more than a true heart that cares, and this is not the kind of relationship or person I seek to last a lifetime. If you truly care for someone, you express it, you share it, and you let it grow. It's natural, an attachment and relationship is formed for what it is and for who you are, whatever the basis of that relationship. So why do those of you who seem to want so much to have the kind of love that so few share run from those who have the sensitivity and open heart to share, just to go for the types that if you just open your mind and see what they really only want one thing, while you are hoping to be the one to change them into the type you have just run from. Do you actually think you can change them into what it is you really want? And when you do get hurt, you always seem to then recognize those of us who would never hurt you, you come back to us then just as a friend for your comfort knowing we truly care, and for our gentle nature and pure heart. Why, because you seen it all along, and no matter how much you may say you never want to be hurt or how you have been hurt so many times before, you let yourself walk away from a true heart and left it alone in it's own pain while you go on right into the fake attention from those who care for nothing but to score a notch on there belt, before they move on to the next thing they find on here willing to let them. Look at what you really want, look at who your talking to, not at them, but in their heart, find out if that heart has real feelings and knows how to share. We that have that, hurt too, because we are cursed with the kind of heart that you seek, and consider rare, but that is the curse. Those of us that have it, are the ones who you really believe so much in, that you may think we will be there to give it again should your gamble on another doesn't work. I am not a back up plan, your first actions and your first chance show me who you really are.
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