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44 Year Old · Female · From Acworth, GA · Invited by: 45900 · Joined on June 19, 2006 · Born on March 27th
44 Year Old · Female · From Acworth, GA · Invited by: 45900 · Joined on June 19, 2006 · Born on March 27th

Hmm i am 28 the Baby in my Family very Independ and Very Free Spirited Person Im very Spiritual; im Married Will be 6 Years this April 8 on Saturdaynow meet my Husband over the net I am Originally born in From Cedar Rapids,Iowa So I am a Country Girl but You Wouldnt think I am I am Like the Odd Ball of the Family; But I dont care One sould Love Who they are in Not try in be Some one Else; i am Very Gentel Hearted person & Sentive but very Open minded in Open to a Lot of things so not Much Bothers me ya can talk to me about just Any thing; Love Friends i can talk with on same Wave Link that I click with ones that Understand me; I Follow my Native American path, I get Cherokee from my Father in Mothers side the Family so most my Cherokee is Dominant , I am Pretty layed back Calm person But i at times have a Attitude But Not many Have to Worry about that I am a Very Likeable person, Video is called Another Broken Heart By:Prince Lot of his Music Has Spoken to Me hes Very Talanted Amazing Artist and Amazing Man And Not too Bad Looking For age but Age is Just a Number as we say You Only Feel as old as you look or is it Feel as old as you feel LOL i for get, and David Bowie Hes Another Hero Of Mine His Music Has Cryed out to me in Touched me when i Write Hes Very Kewl i think and Good Looking For his age, I am Usually Shy until i get to know Someone. I would Do anything for the people i Love I am pretty Layed Back Easygoing , But can get mad when provoked,Im in Love with Love When i fall in Love i fall hard i am a Romantic at Heart i am a Suxer For Romantics and Romance *Sigh* but i am also very Blunt i speak my Mind Very open Minded Person i am Sentive But Can be InSentive if One Hurts me i dont like when my Hearts broken its happened too many times and dont like being Steped all over in Used and Thrown away. im a Big Hearted person,Now i Dislike People that Lie that Hurts me in Makes me Lose Respect in a Person makes me lose Friends that way i am a Mixed Mutt, im a very Plesent and friendly person and a good person to have for a friend or lover I Have lived in Georgia Usa 6 years now I am originally Born in From CedarRapids Iowa so i am a Country Girl You Wouldnt Think it i dont listen to Much Country but some Pretty Much all Varity of Music and when i write my Poetry reaches out to people like ones music does and thats what i want to do, some thing i love i put my heart into it its a Passion in life i have so it wont be About the Money more about touching others and InSpiring them i have had ones look up to me in Life many times and thats a roll i dont have a Problem taking and i love giving in being asked for Advice if i can give it i dont know every thing but what i can do to help i do Try,i have Amazing Energy people Notice that when they meet me or talk with me i am Very Shy so if i seem rude in dont talk its only cause i am shy i am like that when i meet some one face to face been like that since i was a Little girl Been writing Since i was 8- 18 I still am, I am very Loyal As a friend or Lover Respectful and Trust is Improtant to me, takes me a While to Trust a Person Trust is Earned FriendShip Is Important To me ,How Fucked up the Wrold is Love Who you Are dont be some one your not in if some one doesnt See that Beauty you beHold then they Are Blind Some guys Go After the Wrong Woman some are Gold Diggers in have no Beauty on in the Inside and could care Less in others are Not so be Careful of who you pick to Love Find some one with Beauty on the Inside Just as on the out Side Beauty isnt a Hot Body its Not Make up or a beautiful Face Some men Love Woman that have a Sexy Mind like Poetry any thing you name it dont let the World say you need to get a Boob Job to be Beautiful Life can be A Scary Roller coster Be sure if you want to do it your doing it for you not the Jearks out there in the World that has Been crule to you or if you make some thing of your self do it For you or do it for a Nieice or Nephew someone that looks up to you in Sees you as Beautiful Kewl in a great Friend And teacher to them Listen to the little Ones in this World lot of them are Very Bright in Very Smart Minds and Sweet Kind Hearts My Son i have Learned from and i teach him also i will say this i see him in me when i was a Child Always Listen but Remeber to not Let Others Always Make Your Choices or try in Answer things on your Own in Life or it will be where you dont Know what you want out of life i made the Misake of doing that a Few times in my Life Dont Doubt Your self either you can Ask for help once in a While it Doesnt Hurt But love who you are In love the Skin Your in and if theres Some thing your not Happy About With your self do Some thing to Better it We Create our Own Happiness,I am a Aries And some times When i dont get what i want it will Show i Wont Take no for a Answer Not Many see that unless you are a Big Apart of my life but i am a Kind Person at Heart*Sigh* just like if theres some one i Like in Love but i am Happily Married so thats not Happening i was Spoilded Rotten but Dont let that stop u From being my Friend i am a Sweet Soul and more friends the Better, even though i was Spoild my Life wasnt Easy my Father was a Drinker and didnt have a Father much in my life he was a Great dad at one time then that went away my Grandpa was like a father to me when my Dad wasnt he was a Amazing man Huge lOving Heart loved people loved making them laugh i am lot like him he past Oct. 1 2003 its been 2 years since his death and i cry off in On i dont think its some thing i will ever get over it stays with me as he was my Best friend Teacher Angel And Tought me what life was all about if he he didnt i would of been lost he made me who i am Today, and i was lost when died i Stil feel i am , i been trying find Who i am again i been going Throught so much Crap in life i have For gotten who i am Things have gotten a Little Better *Sigh* i think i am Going through a Life Lession its Lot to do with the Spiritual and thats ok i will learn Some thing i love Learning as long as things get better in the long Run I am a Old Soul I have been Told My Soul is like a 70 Year old Woman and wasnt feeling its Old my soul that is but i think things are are getting back to normal lota people are going Through same stuff i am so it will be ok. *Sigh* well thats me if you want to know more just ask, TURN OFF'S Haters Jearks Perverts cant Stand Guys that are Stuck on them selfs ones say oh im better looking then u i love my self kinda thing and i hate Whinners Now crying isnt bad But i mean ones that Whine and complane about there life Ones that compare me to Others in think they know me i am mySelf No one Else Get that No Woman is the same Nore are men all Woman are Differnet and so are all men if we was the same would be a very Boring World to live in. i think thats it.........AMAZING KISSER Great in bed!!! Very romantic. Very caring Big hearted person i can be a Bitch if u rud me the Wrong way some think i am a Bitch cause i Dont open up Right away And they think I`m Closed Minded in Close hearted Which i am not I`m just careful who i Open up to Not lota Dont People Understand me i have been used in Stabbed in the back many times but if i dont feel compfortable around them then i wont open up I am very shy also i have had a Hard Childhood and been hurt so much in my life so i try in hide that thats Some thing i dont want to open up to again or relive It some People just get Too Personal and try in Figure me out and seems and feels like they want to know every Nitty Gritty thing About me I`m very Empathic and Intuitive so i can feel that and if i cant trust some one I`m not opening up and if some one thinks a persons a Bitch cause of that then they are Jearks Unless they have lived it. I`m also a great friend to have i will be there for you, My family is the Most Important thing in My life Writing is my passion and my friends I`m very close to are like family to me. I always say treat some as u want to be treated. May Great Spirits blessings always be with you - May Grandmothers Protection be with you and Her Advise be there when your in Need of her Wisdom.
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44 Year Old · Female · From Acworth, GA · Invited by: 45900 · Joined on June 19, 2006 · Born on March 27th

Basket Ball, Bike riding, Rollerblading, Swimming, Vollball, Yoga,Meditation ,Pilaties,Dancing , Reading, Music ,Movies, Writing poetry , and Short Stories and if the poem seems like it some times they are Like Songs at times i try in not do that Which would be Able to Sing Em on Stage LOLi am Stage firght Plus my dream is to be a Writer not a Singer in would have Level my Vioce but many have said i havea beautiful Voice and ps i love Fishing also i have not been Fishing since i was a Little Girl . wanna know more just ask, TURN ON'S
Romantic Guys men that can Play the Guitar any thing ones that are Poets Sexy minds now i am just sharing Mind u Not i am Married so FriendShip is only where it will stay i LOve LOve i am a Romantic Myself. i think thats it.............

Pop R&B Smooth Rap Smooth R&B New Age Techno Punk Alternitive Rock in Roll Classic Rock Like Some COuntry Just All kinds Native American ,Cat Stevens Christina Aguilera Box car Willie hes the King Of Trains and boxs cars Grew Up on him hes Amazing Prince Ashlee Simpson Alicen in Chains Sound Garden Nirvana Nine Inch Nails Pink Pink Floyd Enya YANNI Korn beasty Boys Faith No More Garbage Off Spring Beatles Depeche Mode 2Pac Lenny Kravits Gwen Stefani Bush Silver Chair TheDoors Sheryl Crow Sugar Ray Blink 182 The CranBarries Legend The Prodigy Jimmie Hendrix Janis Joplin The Eagles ResidentEvil Sound Track 1- 2 SoundTracks Linkin park You are So Beautiful By Joe Cooker its a Favorite of Mine its Beautiful Will Open up Your Soul Amazing Incense and Candles Purple Rain When Doves Cry David Bowie Little China girl By Bowie Music From the Labyrinth Amazing Music,Blue Grass Gorillaz Theres More Just Too much Music Inspires me Very much when i am Writing its Amazing cant live with out Music and My Family.
Funny Scary Romantic Weird you Name it Legend, The Labyrinth Animes , Jackie ChanMovies, Freddie Kreugger Movies, someStephen King Movies, Fantacy ,Childish,Blood sport Li Lee,Under Cherry Moon Purple Rain, Moon Walker,Nip Tucked , Gillmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Ghost Whisper, Nanny 911! Supernatural,Crossing Jordan , Charmed , FullMetal Alchemist Family Guy South Park American Dad King Of the Hill Sing 0` The Times,BOOKS
All Books by Shel Silverstein, Fiction Fantacy, Mystery Horror, Silverstein Writes ryming Poetry, he Wirtes Childrens Books, love Horrow Funny u name it.
Theres 2 Men that have Inspired me Alot With my Poetry Prince Rogers Nelson and David Bowie , One Man that Made the the Biggest Impacked In my Life he left Foot Prints in my Heart My Grandpa May he rest in Peace he past Oct. 1 2003 He Made me Who i am Today He was My Best friend Teacher Guide Angel and he still is He Tought me what Life was and is about , he Told me on his Death bed he Was Proud of How much Of a Beautiful Young Woman I have Grown into, my Family is very proud of me and My Enemies Are My Heros With out them we Wouldnt Learn and if i have any they make Us Stronger make us want to live life show the World what we can do, my Father is not some one i want in my Life any more hes lied to me that he was going to stop Drinking hes very Sick i am here to Live my Life not My Fathers and my father has Broken My Heart so many Times but he Was my Hero also at One time , he was a Great father at one time but its in the past and i am not him i am Only myself in thats the only Person i Know how to be i keep the good memories with me, My Grandma Betty my Moms mom She was funny ANd a Wild Granny i miss her she would always ask me want to go out Yonder , Or You want toGet a Sody Pop Shes from Texas Well My Friends are My Heros with out them in My Family I would be Lost so many Others that Have Touched my Heart But thats about it!! Walk in peace on all your Paths to Life, I am Going put Pink in Here shes Beautiful In shes Happy who she is Girl Power To You Girlie and one Other Great Woman is Tina Tuner She was My Bigest Hero when i was a Little Still is shows that she Didnt Let Some Jeark Disrespectful Man say he Owns her in He didnt Own her She wasnt His Properity In no Woman or Man Should Be Treated like that Be Strong in Stay Strong, There is one Hero that i love very Much shes my Great Great grandma she was a Medicine woman she was cherokee and Spanish Never meet her but was told of her learned about her i am told i am lot like her, and also my Great grandma my Grandpas mother she was Irish full Blooded Irish he told me i looked a lot like her not the light Skin she was very Tall long long Black hair Dark eyes very long legs in long arms she was Beautiful She was a Ballet Dancer i love to Dance its in the Blood i Guess makes me feel better at times like writing she died at 22 i never meet her but i have one photo of her i want to scan it in post it so when i do ya can tell me what ya think she past of Spinal Mingitist some thing that Attacks ur back but Enough of that so many Heros in my Life. Thank u ever one
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Dont like many of Video Games but do Love the Sims Love RollPlaying

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