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in august of 07, i lost my job of 15 yrs...i was very pregnant, and every interview i went on, i received the crazy look. the look that said, why am i wasting my time interviewing her, why would i hire her knowing that as soon as she starts she will be off again for 6 to 8 weeks...so it became very clear i wasn't going to find a job before the baby was born. After the baby was born...the market for accounting jobs looked like they completely dried up. I couldn't even get any interviews...no one was hiring...things began to look very bleek for me...my savings ran out and i had no income at all...Single mom, 4 kids, no income...life began to look pretty bad...i have struggled for months most of the time not knowing where our next meals were going to come from...i have gotten food from food pantries, and i ended up appling for welfare...the most humiliating thing i have ever done...but this last month has been very promising...i've been getting a lot of calls for interviews...and last week i finally got offered a new job...i start next week...i'm so excited to finally get back into the work force...and have gainful employment again. To not have to worrie if i'm going to get kicked out of my house this week or not...these last couple of months have been hell. they have been the worst of my life...but things are finally starting to look up. As long as my electric dosen't get turned off before my first paycheck...
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