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Wednsday13's blog: "Wednesday 13"

created on 04/06/2008  |  http://fubar.com/wednesday-13/b205010
what if school never existed what if we had control of our lives without the government why does anyone give a fuck what i think someone should kill Britney spears and chop her head off what the fuck is are world amounting to? if the world ended who would care?
people these days are so self absorbed its not even funny no one gives a damn about anyone anymore I think that the government is a crock of shit that figures out how to control us Networking Sites Like Myspace disgust me i mean some of it is alright i suppose but most of it is having a shit load of friends i just don't see the point I appreciate anyone who takes time to read my blog cuz it lets me know that im not just another person to you
13 13 times ive been stabbed 13 times ive almost lost my life October 13 my brother died 13 is pain 13 is my eternal destruction
i think the president should be shot i hate the government i believe in fate not religion if i were to walk into a 7/11 id be shot rock music has gone down hill thanks to bands like My Chemical Romance 9 times out of 10 I've Got More Of A Fucked Up Life Than You
Obvously I'm not Wednesday 13 I'm just a big fan on him and the Murderdolls you can call me 13 for now i might let you know my name later i have no clue about this site a few things about me; i play the drums,i write music for my band,i work with band promotion well if you really want to know me just ask and i will tell
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