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47 Year Old · Male · From Daytona Beach, FL · Joined on March 28, 2006 · Born on January 1st · I have a crush on someone!
47 Year Old · Male · From Daytona Beach, FL · Joined on March 28, 2006 · Born on January 1st · I have a crush on someone!

I'm unique, just like everyone else. I am introspective, independent, social, assertive, vigorious, adventurous, unsubmissive, arguementitive, self-satisfied, callous, bold, fearless, calm, content, analytical, confident, open, musical, creative, and responsible. I enjoy having an intelligent conversation/debate with someone who doesn't think drinking a whole lot is an awesome passtime. I don't like people that are stupid, hypocritical, obnoxious, whiny, confused, shy, meek, somber, disorganized, anxious, helpless, lazy, immature, volatile, impulsive, or constantly depressed. So, if you had to use a dictionary for any of these words, please don't bother talking to me, chances are I won't like you. And if you have awful grammar and spelling, I will verbally abuse you. I live life for myself. Unless I like you, I don't care about you, your feelings, or your problems, because I have my own fair share of them. I get what I want. I know no borders and limitations. I may seem like a real narcissist, but I care very much about the people I love. I'm all about having fun, no matter what the cost. I am what I am. If you don't like it, too bad, I probably won't change for you. If you're still reading this and aren't getting fussy or upset, I like you. TRAIT % LOW SCORE HIGH SCORE Sociability 80% socially reserved, detached friendly, open Aggressiveness 95% mild mannered predatory, domineering Assertiveness 91% introverted, loner controlling, aggressive Activity Level 83% relaxed, laid back vigorous, high energy Excitement-Seeking 62% sedate, restrained adventurous, wild Enthusiasm 81% somber, pessimistic cheerful, optimistic Trust 32% suspicious of others trusting of others Submissiveness 31% rebellious, lawless dutiful, obedient, compliant Altruism 70% selfish, cold, austere helpful, selfless, indulgent Cooperation 29% argumentitive conflict averse, meek Modesty 5% arrogant, self-satisfied humble, unassuming Sympathy 2% callous, heartless empathetic, warm Confidence 91% not confident in work confident in work, egoistic Neatness 91% disorganized, messy planner, clean, anal Dutifulness 68% dishonest, derelict honest, rule abiding, proper Achievement 93% lazy, unmotivated driven, goal oriented Self-Discipline 98% procrastinator responsible, efficient Cautiousness 86% spontaneous, daring careful, controlled, safe Anxiety 13% relaxed, fearless fearful, worrier Volatility 12% calm, cool touchy, tempermental Depression 7% content, balanced emotional, self hating Self-Consciousness 12% confident, assured low self esteem, shy Impulsiveness 8% high self control low self control Vulnerability 1% resilient, unphased confused, helpless Imagination 24% practical, realistic dreamer, unrealistic Artistic Interests 30% artistic indifference art, nature, beauty lover Introspection 81% not self reflective self searching Adventurousness 99% conventional, safe spontaneous, bold Intellect 84% instinctive, non-analytical intellectual, analytical Liberalism 87% conservative, traditional progressive, open Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege. I spend a lot of time thinking about: Beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there "The religion of love transcends all other religions, for lovers, the only religion and belief is God This moment this love comes to rest in me, many beings in one being. In one wheat-grain a thousand sheaf stacks. Inside the needle's eye, a turning night of stars. - Nicholas N. Barbati http://www.pornstarguru.com/p/526918/1.html

47 Year Old · Male · From Daytona Beach, FL · Joined on March 28, 2006 · Born on January 1st · I have a crush on someone!
getting myt masters degree
finsihing college
getting laid hopefully LOL
just looking to make some intresting friends

I'm a fun guy that likes to meet new people and have a good time! u want to explore stuff or have fun or want sex.? or want to get to know me better Any of the following are true: You like fun. You're a sucker for nostalgia. You like theatre, especially improv. You're a social geek. You like to game. You're smart. The list of food you like is longer than the list of food you don't like. You think you can beat me in a video game and want to prove it. You want me to message you back. START YOUTHINK.COM QUIZ RESULTS
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