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35 Year Old · Joined on July 29, 2006 · Born on November 30th
35 Year Old · Joined on July 29, 2006 · Born on November 30th

hmm where to start, well i'm white... i'm 6,5 with blue eyes brown hair size 13 1/2 shoes ;). i'm an overall nice guy i'm great to be around and talk to, or atleast i hope they didnt lie when they said that. i have a good sense of humour, we'll at least i think so.i'm a very caring and selfless kind of guy, but i'm definetly not a sucker, so abondon all hopes of a boy toy. I can be romantic and kinky depending on what tickles ur fancy.I was born in good ol edmonton ALberta and lived in Argentina for 5 years so my spanish is very good.and well i think you shopuld find out the rest for yourself

35 Year Old · Joined on July 29, 2006 · Born on November 30th
well hmm where to start, sooo many interests. well first off is and hopefully will always be women and music. first off i'd like to meet just one gurl that is right for me. and she has to be fun to be around, she has to have simlar interests.though it's not an absolute requirement. i also like a gurl who is smart and i can actually talk to easily, she has to be outgoing, adventrous, and very verry sweet. well phisically i have my preferences but they arent really requirements. i like red heads and black heads, i like gurls with either blue or green eyes, and gurls with short hair. but it's definetly not a requirement since i pay more attention to the personality of a gurl more that her looks. ok on to myself now. i'm a guitar player, i love music especially the METAL! but i'm open to many other types of music other than rap or hiphop and reggae or however u spell that shit
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oooooooh how i loooove movies. but i've seen soo many it's soo hard to pic my fav Equilibrium ,DUNE, THE MATRIX TRILOGY among many many others

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