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82 Year Old · Female · Joined on September 3, 2008 · Born on June 6th · 1 referrals joined! · 20 different people have a crush on me!



Black Metal-loving woman with a great sense of humour (At least if you ask me! )

I do listen to other genres of music as well, but mainly black metal. Some of the other genres I like are DSBM, Sognametal, Atmospheric Black Metal, Martial Industrial, Folk music (Mainly Scandinavian, Celtic and Slavic) Pagan Metal, Neofolk, Classical, Opera, Neoclassical, 80's goth/post-punk, Ambient, Dark Ambient and Dungeon Synth. I can also be persuaded into listening to 80's hair/glam/sleaze. (Especially if there is beer involved)

Things I love: music, nature, reading, animals, winter, incense, history, tea, and cooking. stormy or rainy nights spent on the couch with candles, a glass of wine or tea, and beautiful music or a good book. When someone can make me laugh or intrigue me with great conversations. Long walks in nature, especially in the forest and along the shores.

I am Danish and I live in Denmark. I am currently involved in 3 bands and spend a lot of time on creative projects.

So far I have only been to the Netherlands and the US, and a few one-day trips to Germany but I would love to travel some more, I always wanted to go to Eastern Europe, Finland, Iceland, The Faroe Islands, The UK, and Ireland. ( The world is full of beautiful places and I am sure I will keep adding new destinations to my list)

I can't impress you with awesome musical skills, nor can I do complicated mathematics, but, I can prove to you that any hedge can be a maze if you are drunk enough. I can also narrate every situation with silly or sarcastic comments (Although I cannot do a Morgan Freeman voice :( ) But I still think that evens it out pretty well.

I am a vegetarian, but whatever people eat is their choice.

I am against feminism and I can't stand women who bully men and hide behind a shield of "equal rights"

To the animals: May we be forgiven.







82 Year Old · Female · Joined on September 3, 2008 · Born on June 6th · 1 referrals joined! · 20 different people have a crush on me!
Trismegistus Hex - Ritual Dark Ambient
Vörðr - Pagan Black Metal
I sorg - Traditional Black Metal
I mainly listen to blackmetal, pagan metal, folk metal, neo folk, standard folk (especially slavic,scandinavian, celtic) martial industrial, neo classical, classical, ambient, nsbm, dsbm.
Horrormovies mostly.
Valfar and Quorthon

Video Games
I like to play mmorpgs like: Ro, PWI, Forsaken World, Arche age and from time to time a bit of WoW. I tried other games like Lineage, Aion, Rift, Tera, and silkroad, but they weren't really for me.

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  • Valkyrja I will be back soon, I am just so busy these days and have no energy to log in here. So I only log in to play the daily game. In the meanwhile, go and love on my sister, Valkyrie Lady
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