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Hey to all my friend here in FuLand, I have made some change to my top friends and family list. Will all notice who is been list in my top friends and family list there are for good if you would like to make top friend or family list i'm looking for some help level up to my next level or rating of all my pic and stash will also give you a perement spot in my top friends and family list or i'll will give any up to 50,000 fubucks for the rating it will be your choice on what you would like just leave me a private messege and i'll will take care of making it happen and i will also return the same thing to everyone that help me out would really like to be making to the next level. If is possible i would be willing to get some a auto 11 if i have the fund free to do so i'm just looking for some help there is a lot of awsome people here in fubar land that i have help level and would like to see the same thing like i said before i will return the some for all and any that help me move up. Your friend ~Fireman 73~
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