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Sexy Love's blog: "LISA 'S BLOGS"

created on 12/09/2006  |  http://fubar.com/lisa-s-blogs/b32865
hey all you ppl that think they know whats happend you dont know the half of it to the one and only the thinks he's the shit oh let me make every one feel sorry for me bc my wife played me and now im a play every other chick who shows the least bit of affection to me how fucked up is that you know who you are the one this goes out to. it wasnt right wat you did to me you think i dont know the shit your goign threw is bad well you dont know me and if you think i told you everything your wrong. c you are too full of yourself and now you got ppl herassing me for somthign i dindt do how childish. i cant belive your pissed bc i called you a playa well thats what you are and youll never change so go be with who ever you want to be with bc i highly dout that they will treat you right bc youll wind up treating them like shit you were wrong for what you did and you know it so dont barther talking to me im not gonna put up with your shit no more you 23 and act like a child Grow up and stop gettting people to feel sorry for you thats all it is you just want sympathy and a good fuck hahah i know i was good just you werent lol i had so much better you lil shit
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