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52 Year Old · Male · From Albuquerque, NM · Joined on December 17, 2006 · Born on July 25th · 4 referrals joined!
52 Year Old · Male · From Albuquerque, NM · Joined on December 17, 2006 · Born on July 25th · 4 referrals joined!

myspace comment codes
MySpace Comments

(Rate Me Then ADD Me Please)
(Full Name Brandon)
(Gender - male)
(Nicknames Timberman, Second Chance)
(Birthday - Monday)
(Phone# - (xxx)xxx-xxxx)
(Eye Color - blue)
(Hair Color - Dirty blonde)
(Height - 6'2")
(Religion - Christian)
(Address - Right Here)
(Shoe Size - 11 1/2)
(Age - 37)
(Skin Color - white)
(Birth Place - Arizona, Holbrook)
(Hospital - County Hospital)
(Sign - Leo)
(School Monzano Class of 88)
(School Colors Purple and White)
(School Mascot Monarch)


(Color black, Red, Purple)
(Movie Underworld & GOTHIKA)
(Sport Football)
(Car trade's a truck F350 ford)
(Computer made my own)
(T.V Show - CSI)
((Cartoon Character - Fat Freddy And His Cat)
(Food - Any thing Chinese)
(Drink - Coke, water, TEA)
(Thing - MYSELF & friends!)
(Place To Go - Anywhere but home)
(Athlete - Not a jock lol Kayaker, Motocross)
(Actor/Actress - Actor-Tommy Lee Jones, John Wayne)
(Subject - English and Math)
(Song - Sevendust-Bitch)
(Singer - Kitty
(Band - Kitty, Disturbed, Cold Play, Slipknot, Sevendust, Nonpoint)
(Music - Heavy metal, Country, Rap)
(Store - Coronado, Wal-Mart, Comp USA)
(Number - 23 - 19)
(Season -winter)
(Quote- Gull Darn)
(Flavor - Strawberry)
(Holiday - Christmas)
(Flower - Dog Wood blossom)


(Thing about yourself - Little Off)

(What sports do I play - Weight Lifting, kayaker, Motocross)
(Name you wish yours was - I like mine)
(Age you wish to be - 21)
(What your room looks like - blah)
(Are you an angel or a devil - Devil)
(People person or a loner - LONER ALL THE WAY!)
(The last thing you said - Oh Crud!!!)
(Last think you ate - Cereal)
(Last thing you thought - What A dummie)
(Grade - 11th)
(what do you think of vampires? They KICK BUTT)
(Do you believe in ghosts? OH Heck YEAH)
(Are you Christian or Non-Christian? Christian)



(Are your parents still together? No)
(whats your parent names? Merlene & William (Bill)
(Do you have any siblings? Yes)
(if yes...Names and Ages - Shawn-39 Billy 29)
(do you have any nieces and nephews? Yes)
(if yes Names Alex, Mitchell, Haley, Ashley)
(do you have any brother/sister-in-laws? Yes)
(If yes Names and Ages Jay Martinez)
(Do you have any pets? Yes)
(If yes, Name and what kind of pet it is A Cat Her name is Midnight aka (The Misses) A Red Healer Named Poncho



(Are you straight, bi, gay - N/A)
(Do you watch that's 70's show? Of Course)
(Are you more sad or happy most the time - Happy)
(Do you miss someone right now, if yes, who? Yes-My Sanity)
(Are you worried about anything right now If so what? If I am going to die soon!!!)
(What are your summer plans? Hang out and enjoy)
(would you kill for Love or Money - money no, love definitely)
(if you could change one thing about your self what would it be? My so called "friends")
(What's the worst feeling in the world? Hate)
(Do you ever feel like youre alone in the world? Yes)
(whats your dream job? Network Administrator)
(Do you believe in love at first sight? HECK YEAH)
(whats your weirdest dream? Can't say...)
(Funniest dream? Nightmares arent funny!!)
(Scariest dream? Dying or falling)
(how much sleep do you usually get? Close to 4 hours)
(If you could do anything in the world right now
what would it be? To Cure Cancer)
(Whats the worst injury you've had? Got Shot in the Head in 88)
(What are you wearing right now? Blue jeans)
(What is the best part of your day? I don't know it depends on the day)
(Do you smoke? No)
(Do you drink? No)
((have you ever been so drunk you blanked out? Yes)
(Are you depressed? Naw Have a love for life after being shot. Live every day like it's your last)
(Who do you blame for your problems? Nobody really)
(I think being shot in the head is the cause of my problems)
(How would YOU describe yourself? Demented, Lonely, Happy, Joyfull, Proud)
(What are your hopes and dreams for the future? To see my Grandchildren)
(What do you do when you€™re feeling sad/depressed? Rearrange the house furniture, or clean)
(Who are you closest to, mom or dad? Mom Dad has passed away)
(What do you usually dream about? I don't dream)
((If you were granted 3 wishes what would you wish for? Fort Knox, Health and Happiness for me and family

52 Year Old · Male · From Albuquerque, NM · Joined on December 17, 2006 · Born on July 25th · 4 referrals joined!
You have a sexual IQ of 157

When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends.

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