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LittleNikki's blog: "The Friend>>>"

created on 04/18/2008  |  http://fubar.com/the-friend/b208320
I site here pone my bedroom, thinking about nothing but you. Wishing and hoping you where here, holding me nerve. I want for the day, where I can onsets more lay a pone your beating chits. With a light berth a pone my neck, anticipating for it onsets more. Craving for you, that touch pone my skin, more and more, I think about that ever lasting night. For it fills like it just was not a naughty, for me to just be satisfied with that being the last of are lusting passion for one a nether. Pone the gleaning flame of the fire from are lasting pasha, with to hot and sweating body’s up a gist one a nether. With out a broth to birth, I crave for more, from him. He touch me with his soft hands all ovary my body, with a slate touch. Just a naughty to get me to the edge. For the craving I have for him to tack me thin, and there. Wanting more for him, he mend me want logger. Htouched me in such a way, that know man handed ever touched me. What was I to do! With my hands bound to the bed, I could not do a thing abut it. Blind from the light, not a sight to see. For the intesepaeshin of what was to come next. Thin before I now it, I fill ice pone my skin, filling helpless to the cold chilling touch. I liked it, for it fillet good. Thin I begin to fill a slight trembling touch of a father across my body. Contemplating on that night going throw the mashing over and over in my mind. my’ I be in love with the idyll of being with him onset more. I lye here touching my self just thinking about it. going insaen wishing for it to be him tuching me softly this very momint. For me to brith this heavy, is to know I am to think to much pone that man of mastery. A thief in the night, how stall my heart. on that log but short night. Grasp for my berth. I can not stain it any logger. Should I call him? At this time I still contemplate on it. Getting wet, just on the thought of it. Makes me tremble even more. For what am I to do? I call out for his name. Getting wetter just on the thought of him being here with me.
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