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I Am Legend's blog: "The Inheritor"

created on 11/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/the-inheritor/b24605
Hit me up if you live in cali near the 805. Single for about 5 years and just looking for a bed buddy.
I wasn’t but three years when I was found precariously outside in a bone yard in a near by stream wrapped and left along the banks, I was discovered by a group of fisher man who had heard my screams and thought I was being torn to shreds by some beast, When they found me they found the only thing attacking me was the elements of the crude weather and nearby in the wet mud that I lay in. hopelessly and afraid to wander anywhere I was taken to a hospital where I was diagnosed with hypothermia and a very extreme case of Amnesia which had obviously been the effect of a fever. I was five years old when I finally recovered and when they managed to find at least my last name and a pendant I wore when I was found .I began to become a healthy young boy and I would play with the other unfortunates like myself who sat in the hospital waiting for some kind family to take me to a new home. As I grew I saw girls and boys go to a new mother and father, we would line up as the prospective parents would walk in and oversee their ideal child and would smile a great deal at the thought of the youngling before their eyes might be there future son or daughter. However, not all where kind of heart and on those days you would find some children missing but would surprisingly show up right after the prospects had left. My luck with family was never a fruitful one and I rarely was glanced at and when I asked one of the nurses why that was, they simply replied “because you’re too special". Apparently there was a divine family on the look out for someone as special as myself and I hadn’t yet been lucky enough to meet them, however I knew that they were only candy coating the truth and would speak around corridors and closed doors about the Dark blonde haired child with the icy blue eyes and eerie appearance. I had frightened most of the help despite my normal appearance but some would give me a second glance and just stare, they simply said "There is something unnatural about that child" and would only be kind out of pity; sadly the same effect took place in the mind of any decent couple willing to take me home. “A child without a past is a child without a future" Some would say, the children would try and comfort me and tell me I would find a place someday but those same children would soon be gone the next day or year. I would know those hospital walls till I became thirteen where I was then put in the custody of a safe house and began regular schooling as Steven W. Silva. My life at school wasn’t really a life at all and the friends I did have were short lived, growing up I began to show myself more of a young man and my appearance began to take shape into a more handsome fellow and soon I began to attract the attention of all the young girls, though the eyes most would say would stay empty, cold and lifeless. I had acquired a rather bizarre laugh that echoed even in the oddest places and I would watch the cringe on peoples faces as they heard the loud Heckle. The exotic features seemed to arouse the lust in most women and I soon became very popular with a future Attending Classes learning the fundamentals of Visual Communications. No family and low rank in society no one would allow me to date their young daughter and some fathers would forbid them to ever speak to me again. When I finally reached twenty one I left that town, not even remembering the name itself which made me a lot happier and I moved to California in s a small town called Nipomo. Where I attended a near by college the next town over studying Graphic art or what is most commonly known as a web designer. This is where I spent the majority of my life humble and among good townsfolk and friends, Nipomo was a quite town full of vibrant life and lots of eucalyptus trees that were imported here and set on top the plateau on where the town resided. The winters here were not of snow but of rain, for months on end to replenish the green lands of the foothills; it was a good environment for me to live the life I wished for. My career expanded yet I worked alone despite the hard pressure and deadlines, I simply enjoyed being able to have control of my works and I soon began to excel. So it was then that simple routine became my life and my existence remained a lonely one and I had but my works to keep me occupied save for the few friends that I had managed to acquire. As I was coming home from the store one day I had noticed a most peculiar letter left outside my house taped to the door, with no return address. I went into my home inside my home to extract the contents from the large envelope and inside found a cover letter with what seemed like a family crest and a signature signed Jesse Silva .The paper was old and tattered enclosed within the cover letter was a letter from a lawyer named john Willingham of north Carolina, who stated that within receiving this letter he would arrive shortly therein, a few days at most he indicated. Until then I was to over look the paperwork of my inheritance, my heart had skipped for a second and I thought to myself, what on earth is he talking about? Could this be the wrong person or a postal worker who just happen to not pay attention and slipped me the wrong mail? I turned the Envelope over and looked again, plain as day, but how did he find me? Surely the hospital and safe house kept records of my whereabouts and it wouldn’t have been that hard for him to find me through the college, I began to look over the letters and read about my inheritance from a family who was dead to me. I could not tell how long I sat and went over the letter from this mysterious councilor who had all the answers to questions I asked and disregarded decades ago. Vaguely, I remember one of the ladies at the hospital mentioning something about a lineage or birthright, I assumed my necklace. and I did, when I became older decided to investigate the unusual necklace I wore round my neck since infancy. I only found that it was unknown to any historian or antiquarian. They had all became both perplexed and intrigued by the odd thing, and twice I was solicited for a sale. I had obviously caught the eye of the appraisers and it had their full attention. The necklace itself was very old with writing that even the most knowledgeable linguist could not begin to decipher or even theorize its origin. It was made from a metal, but the metals visual likeness was green which resembled the patina from aged copper. Above the center design was a black jewel; in a sense I guess you could call it a family coat of arms. This has been the only piece of evidence that I have used to trace back my family tree and no one could understand any part of it. The unusual thing about the necklace was the demonic looking thing that was a part of the design in the coat of arms. Crudely etched in the center was a tall horrid looking creature, standing like some bi pedal demon hunched over and slight.
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