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Kristin AKA Mrs Bigdog6359's blog: "Tantra"

created on 12/01/2007  |  http://fubar.com/tantra/b162368
Thoughts... Of hot wet mornings Deep deep moans Sighs of pleasure. Throbbing Pulsing Ecstasy. Thoughts of... Your tongue, Dancing On my tight sex Your hands stroking hard buds Your moans of need Driving me over the edge The smell of morning coffee Mingled with our scents Rumpled sheets And Whispers of desire Turn thoughts Into Passion soft and yearning Hard and aching Thoughts of you... Touching me Bodies melting Souls aching Hearts beating Now Now Now Thoughts of you... Temptation too hard to resist Morning light at the edge of a dream Colors exploding Expanding Drenching My body sighs With content The day begins anew.
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13 years ago
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