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37 Year Old · Female · From Portland, OR · Owned by Tim RLM2 Glenda and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on October 1, 2008 · Born on June 30th · 12 referrals joined! · 79 different people have a crush on me!
37 Year Old · Female · From Portland, OR · Owned by Tim RLM2 Glenda and is worth 1 coin. · Joined on October 1, 2008 · Born on June 30th · 12 referrals joined! · 79 different people have a crush on me!


My Poetry:

What a life we live.. All hidden under masks that can not be removed. Sitting in the dark afraid to see what the light may show. What a life we live.. Always showing a different side, never knowing the real us.
I have made a life of misery and now I have to live in it. The day of darkness is upon me and the light is too far away. The colors are fading and everything looks gray. I need to be brought back with a kiss from the lips of my prince.
Eyes are in deep stare
Breathing slowens and becomes more deep
Breast rise to each breath taken in
Skin becomes sensitive to the touch
Sexual thoughts rush through the mind
Warm pleasurable feeling overcomes your body
Lips become more plump and the center of attraction
Soul purpose now is to get their eyes attention
Every move is more slower and sensual with feeling to it.
The world has yet to turn
Eyes of redness, burns
Tears of sadness form
Feelings run through your skin
Small bumps are scared to the surface
Can't handle this much more
Don't know why I let this happen
My life needs joy
I need love but love for myself
Throat tightens
Can't breath
Can't think thoughts other than ones I have tried to forget
Can't handle this anymore
Heart racing, feel the world has come to a stop.
Nervous sweat beads form all over
Weakness takes control of your body
Thoughts race through your mind, so fast, so many they crash together impossible to form just one.
Own low self-esteem image makes the body tighten up afraid to open, to show, to expose.
Goose-bumps take control of your skin, forcing it to surrender to them.
Stomach becoming a roller coaster and knotted up every which way.
Everywhere is so sensitive the slightest touch will give you shivers all over.
Pain and pleasure mixed together rushes through out your whole body.
Slowly, very slowly the pleasure tries to over take the pain.
Lips puff up and become luscious, redness covers your lips to the shade lipstick was made for.
Slowly the roller coaster of a stomach flattens out, to get closer to the end of the ride
Breathing fastens, shortens
Such deep breaths that causes moans to erupt out
Teeth so firmly closed that pain of soreness shoots through them.
Pleasure has taken control, bursts into every inch of the body.
The body takes it as a gift and finally opens itself to let all out.


there will be others and you most likely will get hurt again BUT that final one, the one you marry, the one you grow old with, the one you have a family with. They will be worth every second of pain that any others might have put you through.
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  • Dorks R Us I think it's funny that one of the top females on here has been such a busy bee and spending so much yet still owes me thousands from years ago.
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      D4rKn355 Apparently Bee is a One-way B
      6 days ago · Reply
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      D4rKn355 I remember them days... POWERED BY GIPHY
      3 months ago · Reply
    • Lefty Yeah, it was super obvious.
      3 months ago · Reply
    • Dorks R Us Lol the hint is in the status.. a busy BEE
      3 months ago · Reply
    • 7 months ago · Reply
    • RioIsLovelyXxAFxX That sucks. You know I'm gonna ask you who lol
      7 months ago · Reply
    • online
      Jase 1) So sorry that happened to you. I know that frustration as well!
      2) It's impressive you not wasting the energy to take her down!
      3)......POWERED BY GIPHY
      7 months ago · Reply
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