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"so, theres this boy and the way he laughs makes me smile... and the way he talks gives me butterflies. just everything about him makes me happy... & I would introduce you but.. you WOULD fall in love with him too."
these feeling within my heart are new and make me want you more, to hold you in my arms, to kiss and adore. the addiction of our new memories... will burn brighter then the sun in the summer sky. your eyes and smile, the thought of your skin softly touching mine is like a breath of the purist air that blows across my cheek in the spring. the rolling thunder that is my heart within my ears as you seem so near to me. i cant help but adore you. wanting you by my side. as i have you in my grasp, my mind is filled with dread.. to see you slip away... how am i to deal with this when your no longer there? i will close my eyes and keep you with me in my dreams where we will never be apart, til you come back to me... you will stay within my heart. ((my work in progress))
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13 years ago
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