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51 Year Old · Male · From Annapolis, MD · Joined on January 12, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 12th
51 Year Old · Male · From Annapolis, MD · Joined on January 12, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 12th

Hi everyone, and thanks for droppin by to visit me. I'm a 37 year old guy from Maryland that works nights as a rent-a-Cop at a local hospital east side of Baltimore. Yes I work with out a gun or a vest... Brave aren't I... I enjoy hanging out with friends talk about life, love and the ever constant pursuit of happiness. I like to read alot, love to write poems. I work on cars and motorcycles, I'm openminded, honest to the point of being blunt like a lead pipe to the forehead. I'm a Scorpio... so I'm a sex feind and a freak in bed. I beleive in the freedom of speech and will fight for it to my dying breath. Oh, and I can't spell to save my life... anything eles just ask me... I got nothing to hide..

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Some of my poems.... enjoy...

Understand the meaning

Pain and Death are illusions of the weak mind.
Without Death, pain loses its relevance.
It is what we do and accomplish in life,
That makes us worthy to our children's eye.
It is in our children's eye,
That we will be remembered forever.
It is that remembrance that makes us Immortal.

Happiness and Love are in our Hearts to find.
Without love, life loses its relevance.
It is the feeling of wholeness,
That we find in another.
It is when two people who love,
That they become one and whole
It is that Love that will carry them forever.

Knowledge and Understand are keys to live.
Without understanding, we end up blind
It is what we do with the knowledge,
That can help us understand each other.
It is understanding life and people,
That will bring us closer to ourselves.
It is with all of this that we become Human.

Negitive World

We look upon this world and all of its beauty with closed eyes.
We see nothing in true love and friendship.
We are Vain to ourselves and opinionated to others.
We look upon people as object and items of use.
We see them as things to use and abuse.
We are Cruel and hateful to everyone.
We look upon our family as burdens on us.
We see nothing in loyalty and Family values.
We are disobedient and hurtful to them.
We look upon life and the soul of humanity as a joke
We see nothing of use in others and we value our own to highly.
We are suicidal in pointless things and cowardly in important things.

Pain, My Teacher

Pain, as I see it is a state of mind.
For we are born into pain.
For we bear the pain of others.
For we see pain in others.
For we see pain in ourselves.
We look to avoid Pain.
But pain is there by our side.
Holding us,
Loving us,
Showing us the way through life.
Being with us forever till the end

The Sword

I am the Sword the slices through life
My blade is long, like my life I lead
My blade is sharp, as my mind can be
My blade is pointed, like I am direct

I rush forward, dealing with life
I slice into everything that gets in my way
I challenge all that stands before me
I am harsh and deadly and will get the job done

But I am a sword with no sheath
Alone, with no one to hold me
To keep me safe and care for me
To control me from lashing out

Who will be my Partner
The one to holds me tight
Who will be the one
Who fits with me tight

Let me know what you think...

thanks again for the visit...

51 Year Old · Male · From Annapolis, MD · Joined on January 12, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 12th

You Are 90% Evil


You're the most evil person you know.

The devil is even a little scared of you!



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