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Female · From Grover, NC · Joined on June 14, 2006 · Relationship status: Married · Born on January 28th · 2 referrals joined!
Female · From Grover, NC · Joined on June 14, 2006 · Relationship status: Married · Born on January 28th · 2 referrals joined!

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☆ Yahoo : XxIceApparitionxX ☆

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

☆ AOL : Ix Kitty Love xI ☆




☆ R.I.P. Corey Duke ☆
June 9th 1988 - August 1st 2005
i hope your happy where ever it is you are
i love and miss you bud




☆ Frankie ☆

This is one of my Best Friends, we've been threw hell and back and are still standing strong, I have known him all my life and then some theres nothing I wouldnt do for this boi and theres nothing he wouldnt do for me either I love this boi more than anything and always will



☆ Jc ☆

This is another one of my Best Friends, we've known one another for years he has always had my back and been there for me when I needed him most as I have been for him, if it wasnt for him i wouldnt even be here I love this boi more than anything and always will



☆ Cuzin Chris ☆

This boi here is my cuzin we have done alot of crazy chit together an still havent got arrested yet ha but we have known each other since we were little kids if i need anything at all i know i can count on him


Crush this person!


☆ About Me ☆

well im a laid back person, pretty mellow an all around sometimes dont give a shxt i mean i use ta but all that did was drag me down an get me ta tha point i wanted ta kill myself i was so depressed so now days if ya got a problem with me, if ya dont like me or how i go about things ya know what? go ahead i dont care if ya dont like me thats ur choice i dont need ya an dont want ya if all ur gonna do is cause drama tha only ppl i care about is my friends an my family anyone else oh well i mean i love makin new friends but if ur just gonna be friends ta use me for ur own thing or just ta get in my pants then get lost cuz if i find out they will be hell ta pay like i said before im a mellow person i love ta laugh an bullshxt around with ppl even if i dont know them if i can get along with ya then we're all good ta go im easy ta talk ta an i dont get mad easy now this should tell ya how laid back an cool i am.. im still friends with some of my ex's thats cheated on me.. an yeah im a gurl sayin that but thats how much i dont give a shxt cuz i mean its in tha past why keep ol drama goin on? its bullshxt if ya ask me but anyways thats just a lil taste of who i am an whats im bout also i drink a dip for those who dont know already uhh anything else ya wanna know ya can message me an ask me or whatever



I dont like communists, I can kick yalls azzes haha, I prefer PUBS over Clubs, I dip & drink every once in awhile i dont smoke what so ever, Cuddling is pretty dayum cool, Guys who brag about their shit make me sick, Emo, Punk, Redneck, Goth, & Gangsta kids are cool, Nascar & NFL makes me hyped up, When I get excited I ramble & talk alot about nothing, I stalk people & they never know i'm their unless i make myself known, I like to watch people fight about stupid shit it makes me laugh, I think perfection & greatness is a waste of time, I like to adopt abandoned puppys & kittys & w/e other animals i can find out there, Disrespect makes me pissed, I hate haters, trouble makers, drama queens, & show offs they make me sick, I heart all my friends no matter how offten we talk, I like it when other people are happy even tho im not, People who pretend to be happy are ill & conceited & just plain stupid, People who are always happy are still well.. ill & creepy, I love the rebel flag its my thing, Excitment excites me.. ooh kinky shit haha, I like turning words into more (awsome = awsomeness, cool = coolio, & coolness, otay = mtay, mtaysum), I heart chicken sandwiches <3 my fav food, I strongly, strongly dislike wanna bes & posers, You rock I rock lets party, I have a short attention span sometimes, I enjoy new people of all sorts, People suck, and they rock at the same time, I'm a meat eatter not a rabbit eatter(veggy eatter), I've been told i look like a wolf what do u think?, I love writing music, poems, storys, & that kinda things, I love to spill my guts atleast when i can find someone who will listen to me which is hardly ever, I have a crazy heart i let people get to it to easy which im gonna have to stop, I just wanna touch you ohh baby haha just kidding, I like being romantic like cuddling, kissing, walks in the night, that kinda thing, Democrats are destroying the country, Sleeping is a great thing, I've dyed my hair only in the front, Kids are amazing, great, awsome, Halloween & April Fools Day is my days i love those too days, I cant help it, im a sweetheart & cute as hell, im the optimism one, I've had a pretty messed up life so far & if you wanna know about it im game for telling you mostly cus I dont want people making the same mistakes i did, I blame myself for everything cuz im just like that, i pretty much lost both my parents not cuz they died but because someone came along & they decided to move in with them & their 2 kids & ditch me like im nothing so when it comes to someone ditching their kids for some stupid dumbass man/woman.. to move in with them & THEIR dayum kids when that person has a kid of their own they need to raise instead of ditching them like their dogs i get pissed as a mother fucker, I can get very angry if the right buttons are pushed like for one if people start fucking with my family an my friends i'll go off faster than a road runner on those fuckers, Im a crazy, bad ass, weird, coolio, bitch & dont you forget it!, Im totally sweet (when i wanna be), & Im lame & a dork according to some, I can give some dayum killer advice (atleast that's what im told), Plus i like to say 'if that aint redneck i dunno what is' so.. yep. `I say whatever, hot dayum, i reckon, & you aint right a lot, I mess with people when Im bored & cause its fun!, I was born in Shelby North Carolina, I love talking on the phone & computer, my weakness is my fear just like everyone else, I've attempted suicide a few times never really went throw it cause i had people infront of me going to kill themselves if i did, I think love is to common & to much trouble sometimes but im in love so hey i cant say much, I dont like it when people tell me what to do, how to do it or pretty much anything like that i also hate people telling me my life is fucked up, i mean already know that i dont need anyone rubbing it in my face, i really hate people who think they know me when they really dont only a few people know the real me & thats only a few so dont be telling me how to act or any of that cud people who act like they know everything make me sick, I dont like to get pissed at people but if they give me no choice they give me no choice, i dont get real pissed offten people are use to seeing me all happy & easy going so im not easly pissed off but when you do piss me off its a little scarey 1st stage i get pissed an start cursing maybe a little bit of yelling 2nd i start punching 3rd i just get real quiet an real still that's what useally scares people the most, I have a lot of secrets about myself no one knows.. haha just kidding, im one tough little gal, I've been in my share of street fights, I like to talk things out.. but i can still kick someones ass if i have to, I dont like it when people push me into how they want me to feel, act, look, & all that other shit i just wanna be me, I like being on the roof or up in a tree, Sometimes my friends seem like their high all the time when their not haha crazy goofs gotta love them, i'll be adding stuff on an off when i think of somethin new


☆ The Loves ☆

<3 All My Friends <3 My Family <3 Ridin 4Wheelers <3 Wolfs <3 Writing Poems & Storys <3 Drawing Stuff <3 Playing Pool <3 Goofin On People <3 Working <3 Watching Movies & Tv <3 Listening To Music <3 Singin <3 Snakes <3 Computers <3 Playing Video Games <3 The Color Blue <3 Chicken Sandwiches <3 Stuffed Animals <3 Heartagram <3 Sundrop <3 The Moon & Stars <3 The Dark Of Night <3 Shadows <3 Trucks <3 Anime <3 The Carolina Panthers <3 Tar Heels <3 Horses <3 Ouija Board <3 The Cold <3


☆ The Hates ☆

-X- Fake People -X- Posers -X- Ticks -X- Cheaters -X- Liers -X- Haters -X- Makeup -X- Stupid People -X- Drama -X- Daytime -X- The Light -X- Roller Sk8s -X- Rapest -X- Murders -X- Know It All's -X- Stuck Up People -X- Child Molesters -X- Preps -X- Users -X- Whores -X- Sluts -X- Whore Hoppers -X- Tramps -X- The Heat -X- Oldies -X- Death -X- Life -X- People Dissin My Friends & Family -X- Golf -X- Veggys -X- Pinapple -X- Cocanut -X- Animal Killers -X- Annoying People & Things -X- My Name -X- Birds -X-


Female · From Grover, NC · Joined on June 14, 2006 · Relationship status: Married · Born on January 28th · 2 referrals joined!










http://runescape.com/ ------- DixieAngel

http://www.ddo.com/ --------- Melindinda

http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/ --------- Melindinda


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