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49 Year Old · Female · From Conyers, GA · Joined on May 13, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on May 25th · 5 referrals joined! · 49 different people have a crush on me!

First i want to make this clear i will talk to anyone but if u come at me with some crazy shit about your junk or just bein rude i will block you im fun loving and can play all day butt if u dont respect me then ur gone :D Just found out this year i have conjestive heart failure.Some ppl would just give up or give in but i wont do that im a fighter i fight for my life my love and my kids .

Nice. Love is one of a kind. Great listeners Very Good in bed. Lover not a Fighter But Still Punch Your Lights Out.Trustworthy am geminis

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, a disease that occurs when the immune system immune system makes proteins called antibodies to protect the body against viruses, bacteria, and other foreign materials. In lupus, the immune system makes antibodies directed against molecules referred to as autoantibodies. The most common type of autoantibody in people with lupus is called an antinuclear antibody because it is directed against the nucleus, the control center found in most cells.

Autoantibodies lead to inflammation, which can occur in any of several parts of the body. Inflammation is considered the primary feature of lupus and wherever in the body it occurs, symptoms appear. Symptoms are often worse in body regions where there is greater inflammation.

Lupus is a complex disease and researchers do not yet know why autoantibodies develop in the first place, or why they tend to attack certain tissues in some people who have lupus but not in others. Current thinking holds that lupus, and the autoantibodies and inflammation that cause it, probably result from a combination of factors both genetic and environmental. Some of the environmental factors under study include sunlight, stress, drugs, and viruses. The fact that so many more women than men get the disease also suggests that hormones may play a role in the disease.
Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in any of several areas throughout the body including the joints, skin, kidneys, blood vessels, heart, lungs, and nervous system. When one of these areas is affected, it causes symptoms that range from pain or discomfort in the area all the way to organ dysfunction and failure. The most common and serious type of lupus is systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

Current figures estimate that around 1.5 million Americans have lupus, but the actual number may be higher. More than 90% of people with lupus are women. The disease usually starts between ages 15 and 44 but can affect people at any age.

For most people with lupus, the disease is mild, affecting only a few organs. For others, it may cause serious complications that may become life-threatening. The prognosis for lupus has improved greatly in the recent past and while the disease may still be fatal for some, with treatment, most people with lupus can lead full, active lives.

I might not be that beautiful or the sexiest,nor have the perfect body. I might not be anyone's first choice but I am a GREAT choice. I don't pretend to be someone else because I am too good at being ME. I might not be proud of some of the things I've done but I am proud of who I am today. Take me as I am or don't take me ...at all...

Hazel Eyes People with hazel eyes are very lovable. They are really hot and are awesome to be around. They enjoy 'pet names'. They don't care what people think or say. They are lovers not fighters. But if you mess around, they'll knock you out.They are real partiers.They are also the hottest of all. Very sexy people,and awesome kissers. They are very satisfying and they love to please. They can exceed your pleasure standards. They are very laid back, chilled and love to just be around. If you repost this and have hazel eyes then you will be happy soon with the person who is in your heart.

49 Year Old · Female · From Conyers, GA · Joined on May 13, 2009 · Relationship status: Single · Born on May 25th · 5 referrals joined! · 49 different people have a crush on me!

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