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48 Year Old · Female · From Pennsylvania · Invited by: 756433 · Joined on October 12, 2007 · Relationship status: Married · Born on July 19th · 41 referrals joined! · 40 different people have a crush on me!

Thank you for visiting my page.

My name is Shawna and I am 48 yrs old. I am an RN and have been in the healthcare field about 17 yrs now and I love it. Anything else you wanna know? Just ask.

I am here to play the game when I want to, not when you think I should. what I do with my bling, pics, settings, etc is my business, not yours. I have two words for ppl that come and try to tell me how to run MY page : Fuck You!

A few rules that I must put in place for my fubar page.

1. First and foremost, I am a woman. Not a piece of meat or trashy tramp you meet on the street. You need to respect that, as I will give you the same respect. I AM NOT A FU SLUT AND I DO NOT BEG FOR ANYTHING OR SELL NUDES.

2. I am here to talk with my close friends, have some fun running power ups at times. Nothing more.

3. I am not here for your entertainment, I am here for my own. I come here to relax have a chat and enjoy my friends and family.

4. I am not here to engage in an online relationship. Online relationships dont work for me. They never end well for the man. He usually gets hurt big time and I end up losing a friend. So, don't ask and don't attempt it.

5. Do not get in my shout telling me what you want to do to me or what you wish I' d do to you because I dont want to hear it. It's rude and will be ignored, if it continues you will be blocked.

6. Do not get into my shout or pm me telling me you wish you could see my pics. My pics are locked and accessible by my family only. They are my pics and it's my choice what to do with them.

7.My family members are a group of ppl that are special to me. Some I am very close to, others not as close. Either way they are special to me and I wouldnt give them up for anything. They have stood by me through laughter, tears and everything in between.

8. If you surround yourself with whores on fu, do NOT bother coming around me or friending me. I do not care to be friends with, or in families of, ppl that surround themselves with and/or chase whores to see a nude pic. I am not a whore, nor do I do nudes and i do NOT want to be in the same category or families as the whores. Ppl get the wrong idea. If you are surrounded by them, ppl think you are the same as them and I am NOT.

48 Year Old · Female · From Pennsylvania · Invited by: 756433 · Joined on October 12, 2007 · Relationship status: Married · Born on July 19th · 41 referrals joined! · 40 different people have a crush on me!

This page is dedicated to the past, present, and future men and women of the military. I pray for you, hold you in my heart, and know that you will never be forgotten.
The average person has 1000 wishes.
A Soldier has but one wish, to come home safe. I know 97% of you won't post this as your status, but the 3% that do are my friends. In honor of someone that died or is fighting for your freedom, please post.

One thing that I am very passionate about is supporting our deployed men and women of the military. I devote and dedicate alot of time to writing, emailing, shopping and packing packages for our men and women in the sandbox! I have supported over 200 men and women since 2004 and am always picking up that extra male or female that just dont receive anything from home. It is very rewarding and fulfilling to know that you are brightening a soldier/ marines day. I also support our veterans by visiting the VA med centers or writing letters to them letting them know that they are not forgotten and thank them for what they have done for us. So many times, they are forgotten, but not as long as I am around :D After all, there is more to supporting the troops than just SAYING you support them. Pick up a pen and address an envelope, they would love to hear from you. You can click the box below and it will take you to a website that is free to sign up on and you can choose a soldier/marine to write to. www.anymarine.com
Go to AnyMarine.com

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  • Shawna Family and friends Im sorry havent been around much. I have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in march and am preparing to start chemo for 3 months then surgery. Hope this works cause I am not ready to go yet! Please know I will come on when I can but this has been devastating and I am trying to find my niche in being able to handle this since Ive never been exposed to anyone with it. Thank you for being my friends and family!

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