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98 Year Old · Female · Owned by DLRPIXIE and is worth 14 coins. · Joined on August 18, 2012 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 20th · 14 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 176 different people have a crush on me!

About me has moved to interest tab.

There is a huge reason why it is CLOSED
so please dont ask why, I wont explain. Ill open it
once in a while, when I need to for a good reasons.
If I am currently OWNED and has DNO in my name,
please DO NOT OWN me, nor BUY me.Thank you.

Here to play the games as what fubar games stands for. I dont give out phone number, or any apps to chat with. And fubar SB/CB or Private Message is already huge enough to chat with fubarians,
I dont care if other hooman here have nsfw but,
I have NO NUDE PICTUREs(so dont ask)of myself, period.
I DONT LIVE in fubar so please dont expect me to reply your message ASAP and throw me a tuntrums like as if I have obligations to you. I may shows online but doesnt mean I am here(real world matters most). Let us have fun playing fu, so please, NO DRAMA if possible, If I have enemy, its mine not yours, so I expect the same. Just please leave your dramas when coming to my chatbox.
Just LOVE, FUN, Keep Smiling my Friends, and spread the smiles more, because that smile on your face will bring to someone's day/life a color. ONE TINY SMILE can be a ONE BIG WORLD to SOMEONE."xoxoxox"

PS:THIS IS MY PAGE, I just hope you know what is that mean.


Please DON'T FORGET to

and maybe CRUSHme? Oh my Iā€™d LOVE it!
or BLINGme too? mmmm deym! ;) only if you can.:)
And Im forever grateful to everyone,
You are all AMAZING!

98 Year Old · Female · Owned by DLRPIXIE and is worth 14 coins. · Joined on August 18, 2012 · Relationship status: Single · Born on November 20th · 14 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 176 different people have a crush on me!
Updated(07/15/23): Hi & Hello to you!Please call me (just)'SAY, 47y/o going 48 soon. Im 23years separated. I'm 5f flat short(in my dreams Iā€™m tall,lol). I was born and living in the country of Philippines. I have 3-kids and about to 3grandchildren soon.

I love to love a friends, real life, real world and fubar world or any world(ohplease alliens don't scare me,LOL). For me, every person I meet, who become my friends is a treasure gift from God as a vitamin for my everyday's life.

I have these attitudes:
Soft but hard. Brave/strong but weak. Nice but bad. Fool but wise. Real but fake. Fair but mean. Serious but playfull. Honest but liar.Very sweet but salty, sour and bitter. I can be all of those above just depend on what kind of person I am/talk with.

My daily wish is that we may
See good in those who pass our way;

Find in each a worthy trait
That we shall gladly cultivate;

See in each one passing by
The better things that beautify

A softly spoken word of cheer,
A kindly face, a smile sincere.

I pray each day that we may view
The things that warm one's heart anew;

The kindly deed that can't be bought
That only from good are wrought,

A burden lightened here and there,
A brother lifted from despair,

The aged ones freed from distress;
The lame, the sick, brought happiness.

Grant that before each sun has set
We'll witness deeds we can't forget;

A soothing hand to one in pain,
A sacrifice for love - not gain;

A word to ease the troubled mind
Of one whom fate has dealt unkind.

So, friend, my wish is that we may
See good in all who pass our way.


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    sAy143 ... I (will) sent/send out Friend requests and Fan then. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who accepted and have fanned me back, I greatly appreciated it. I dont mind nor get upset if my request is rejected, but pls.. kindly fan me back.. I really need this help beautiful people. Thank you. Hugs
    16 hrs ago · Comment

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