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trucker's blog: "Road Thoughts"

created on 03/21/2007  |  http://fubar.com/road-thoughts/b66807
Last night as I sat with my coffee in a diner, a conversation broke out between the "guys" sitting at this horseshoe shaped counter that I later referred to as the "Redneck Roundtable". The drivel spewing out of these guys mouths was appalling! The Topic? Sex. I didnt participate in this conversation, I merely listened. I felt like Marlin Perkins on Mutual of Omahas Wild Kingdom. "And here we see the American Male in his natural habitat. Lets watch as my assitant Jim attempts to get a closer look...." I was floored at what these guys were babbling about! I mean is this just an extension of their teenage years where they ran their mouths about shit they had no clue about just to be talking *OR* could they possibly BELIEVE the bullshit they spewed? GUY 1: Hell I dont care... long as I get mine! She can get her own! GUY 2: No Shit! I could care less. GUY 3: Hell I have gotten to the point of just saying OOPS! Sorry! It just felt too good. Usually makes em feel better about it. This continued for at least an hour and it kept digressing further and further into some twisted Cromagnon level I didnt know even existed! I mean... you have GOT to be kidding me! FACT: The greatest gift a woman can give you is the priveledge of experiencing her sexuality! FACT: The single greatest sound on the planet is that of a woman cumming! 90% of my sexual gratification comes from pleasing my partner. The other 10% is a physical release! These morons have the math completely backwards! 90% is their physical release and they could give a fuck if the other 10% pleases their partner? Huh? What? How can you NOT crave that sense of control and power that comes from watching through experienced eyes as her body shudders, her legs tremble, and her chest heaves as she struggles the catch her breath? Moreover, how can you not want to do that over and over and over to her?!?!?!?!?! Do they not know the joy that comes from hearing her beg you to PLEASE let her cum because you have been pushing her to the edge of orgasm.... and letting it fall.... and building it up... and letting it fall for a half hour or more? How can you, as a male, or an even remotely sexual being for that matter, not WANT to walk away from a partner laying in a heap on the bed comepletely spent? How can you not WANT to watch her struggle to stand on wobbly and weak legs afterward? How can you not feel it as a deep seeded DESIRE to have her view you as a Sex God? I DONT GET IT?!?!?! Help! Is this just guys doing "guy talk" bullshit sessions? Or are they even remotely serious? Why dont their partners kick their sorry asses to the curb? Do these women simply not KNOW any better? I walked out of there feeling sorry for a LOT of Women if this is what they have to call intimacy at home. *sigh*
Sooooooooooo..... hypothetically.... you are reading a magazine... say... and... you run across a question to the editor about.... lets say... a female fantasy. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd... for giggles, lets say that this woman has a cum fetish and wants a guy to jerk off a lot and save his cum for her. There wasnt any advice... it was kind of left to the readers to respond next month. But my mind began to flood with questions! How do you properly store and transport said cum in volume? Does it "go bad"? Do you store it in individual "batches" and then combine them later? Is there a best temperature to store cum? Too cold? Too Hot? Too Goldilocks? How much is enough? An ounce? A Pint? Quart? Gallon? Inquiring Minds want to know!
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