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Male · From Madison, TN · Invited by: Mysta RhymeOwne... · Joined on May 18, 2007 · Born on March 21st · 3 referrals joined!
Male · From Madison, TN · Invited by: Mysta RhymeOwne... · Joined on May 18, 2007 · Born on March 21st · 3 referrals joined!

Rip 1 was born on the westside of Chicago and raised on the southside. Received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management in Tennessee, and is currently a producer/songwriter in Nashville, working with several Hip-Hop and R&B artists in the region, with two albums currently in production. Ironically, one of my major motivators is country ass "Music Row!" Because urban and contemporary music is banned by the powers that be in a monopolized industry that solely caters to a dying genre, "country," it is my mission to create a medium and provide opportunities for so called "non-traditional artists," i.e. Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Pop, Rock, etc., and show the world that Nashville is truly a "Music City" for all genres...

I would describe my personality as ambitious and outgoing. I'm confident in what I know and what I can do, because faith without works is dead. I'm a college graduate with a B.A. in Business, and I'm driven and motivated to succeed. Currently, I balance careers in both education and entertainment as a public school teacher and music producer/songwriter/manager, with two albums in production. I enjoy developing and mentoring our youth, but my passion is music. I teach grades K-12 in Nashville and work with several aspiring artists in Hip-Hop and R&B.

My family and friends call me Mr. Mom because I'm the father and custodial parent of two children, a girl and a boy, which I've raised from birth and also live with me. I'm 6' 2" 222 lbs., intelligent, and full of personality. I'm trying to make it happen, but what I lack is the backbone and support of a good woman. Someone kind, caring and considerate, never condescending. I love to laugh and I'm a comic in my own right, so she has to have a good sense of humor. I'm an Aries, so I'm pretty blunt, spontaneous and I have a tendency to "ram" or act on impulse on occassion, so I need a lady who can go with the flow. Someone secure with herself and her situation. She must know what she wants in life and have the fortitude to go get it. I'm attracted to an intelligent woman with a sense of spirituality and a great personality. Someone who possesses character and substance. If you fit the script, holla at your man...

Check out my music, the artists and the models I'm working with and many more pics of me, my fam and friends at:


Male · From Madison, TN · Invited by: Mysta RhymeOwne... · Joined on May 18, 2007 · Born on March 21st · 3 referrals joined!
Money, Music, Mommies, but not necessarily in that order...lol. I'm a fun loving kinda guy, so anything that touches my heart and puts a smile on my face is an interest to me...

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Rip 1 Productions
I luv a good drama, suspence thrillers, comedies, horror (if it can scare me), and of course action flicks....
My ancestors, my parents and all the brothers and sisters that paved the way for me...
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