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2775's blog: "Day-dreaming"

created on 10/19/2006  |  http://fubar.com/day-dreaming/b15627

Random thoughts

Given the events of the years previous, it is hard not to see things in quite a different light. (Know what I mean?) Take, for example, a monotonous drive home from a day of work. I'm sure the desire to work has been greatly overcome by a desire to spend time in quiet introspection, but life must go on. While absorbed in this very introspection on the way home, things begin the gradual recession into a soft, warm blur. You barely even notice the time fly by as you instinctually head along the same route you've no doubt taken hundreds of times. Although the radio drones on and on, you barely even hear it as you sit alone in your thoughts. Up ahead you see the yellow of the stoplight and gently apply pressure to the breaks without so much as giving it a second thought. Rolling to a stop at the head of the intersection just as the light changes to red you find yourself staring, almost mesmerized by the intense red of the light. As countless thoughts clamor inside your head, you cannot help but realize that your eyes are still fixated directly on the light. A flash of movement high in the sky above finally catches your eye and you notice a small flock of birds flying overhead. Normally, such a sight wouldn't warrant even a look, but you do a double take just to watch them fly. Their silhouette against the gray sky provides a striking contrast that you haven't noticed anytime before. Just as they disappear behind some trees you become acutely aware of the trees themselves. The green of the leaves, the trunks shooting straight up out of the ground, the mish-mashed tangle of branches, all things that you never stopped to look at before, but suddenly seem so clear to you right now. At that moment you realize you are alone. No, not alone in your wait for a green light, but alone in other aspects; namely the fact that you don't have someone to share this moment with. You wonder how nice it might be to have someone in your life that would be able appreciate moments such as this one today, or tomorrow… any day really. Someone who would... BEEP... BEEP... It is the person in the car behind you. That red light you had been so intently staring at had turned to green moments ago. You let off the breaks and head on your way, but still thinking....
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