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I have one favor to ask of my friends... well, even those that are just acquaintances, DO NOT JUDGE ME BY MY PICTURES... those pics, all but the most recent one of me at my daughter's graduation, are older pics of me... Because of things being said and how I feel I'm treated after showing recent pictures of myself to others, I will NEVER show them again... Please, just accept me for who I am... that's all I've ever asked... I've never claimed to be gorgeous or even pretty, hell, I'm not even model thin... in fact, when guys tell me at this site that I'm pretty or beautiful or whatever, I ALWAYS say to them, "no I'm not, I'm just me" Anyway, that's it... just like me for who and what I am... not by pictures please...
I know at times it's hard for you I'm not there to hold you tight, But I promise when we're together Our love will be worth the fight Patience and understanding That's what I ask of you, When we are far apart I promise I'll be true I give to you this heart of mine Scared and bruised so easily Broken and then mended over time Its the greatest part of me I'll love you longer than eternity Deeper than the ocean blue But patience and understanding is what I ask of you
Once again, my main computer decided to crash on me... Don't really know what caused it this time, but it won't even complete a system recovery, says something about some kind of fatal error... I will be taking it in to be fixed in the morning and I hope to be back online by tomorrow afternoon *crosses fingers* Just in case I'm not back as soon as I hope to be, some of you have my cell number... Feel free to text me and let me know how you are doing or just to say hello... I'm going to go crazy!!! LOL Anyway, I hope to talk to you all soon. Love and Hugs...
A candy-colored clown they call the sandman Tiptoes to my room every night Just to sprinkle star dust and to whisper Go to sleep, everything is all right. I close my eyes then I drift away Into the magic night, I softly say A silent prayer like dreamers do Then I fall asleep to dream of you. In dreams I walk with you In dreams I talk with you In dreams you're mine all the time We're together in dreams, in dreams. But just before the dawn I awake and find you gone I can't help it, I can't help it if I cry I remember that you said goodbye. Too bad it only seems It only happens in my dreams Only in dreams In my beautiful dreams. Author: Roy Orbison
How do I say goodbye to you When we never really said hello? Is it any easier to walk away from the seeds of a friendship Never given time to root and grow? (Grow into what – a bigger friendship? I don’t know.) And how is it possible to miss someone I hardly ever see? How can I know if you were my hero, When you rode into the sunset Long before the credits rolled. How can there be a formal end to something Which had no real beginning? My love was always wrong. Fool that I am, believing in true happiness, Thinking that my fairy tale had come true, And my "Knight on a Shining Star" had come to stay, When he only came to say goodbye
Well, it looks like my oldest is moving out tonight at 7pm :( This isn't easy for me so if I don't respond to your shouts or anything, please understand... It's all I can do right now, not to just break down and cry... Love & hugs to all....
As I plant a seed into the soil, the soil of my unpredictable life. Hoping for each seed to blossom throughout the darken night. Without the knowledge of knowing what each seed will form into... But a rose I wish upon a star for this precious seed to be I will pray so my rose will be a rose filled with love and beauty With Gracefulness and Charm A rose that would be viewed as a quantum characteristic that accounts for the existence of love A while It took to search for the perfect seed, till I found the one that spoke the language of love back to me The seed of desire that will blossom into A perfect love for me to call my own. The petals on that rose Will be the petals that present my life such a life I will live, for all I long for is to find the perfect love to call my own... Such beauty, such desire Such sweet scent I want you to hold proudly I will not fear to see what you might become For I shall not walk away I will be here waiting for you You are my beauty You are my path You are the rose I will water If you promise to stay for a while Many roses their petals fall out of their place But I am hoping yours will always be invigorating I hope you won't have to say good-bye soon For I will hold a promise tonight to watch you grow and to admire your beauty as You blossom through this quiet and lonely night I will listen carefully and watch your sweet body Grow with mine I will tell you stories about the nights I spent Being lonely I will tell you about how beautiful the past nights used to be when I gently fell asleep under the shimmering stars I will tell you about the feeling of being loved a lifetime ago and I promise to show you my heavenly garden as soon As you decide its me who you want to see on to morrow But tonight I am here to guide you and I am here to protect you... My Rose I wish you would become, for tonight my being is yours to keep...


Thank you for always being there, To listen and understand me. I appreciate all you did for me, And all you still do. Thank you for making me feel whole again, For putting my pieces back together. I appreciate you putting my life back together, You saved my life. You may not understand, Why I do what I do. But you never criticized, You just helped me through. I knew I could come to you when I was down, 'cause I knew you'd always be there to pick me back up and say everything will be ok.
wow... I got some news today that I just wasn't expecting at all.... my oldest daughter may be moving out... I guess she's had these plans since March and I just found out about it about a half hour ago... Sure, she is 19, she's an adult and if she wants to move out, then I cant stop her... It's just that there are so many factors about her moving out that has me worried and concerned... One... she has no sense of responsibility... Two... she has Grave's Disease and has had radiation treatments for it... she needs to go in for follow-up treatments, but if she moves out, I wonder if she will even do any of that... Three... sometimes I believe that the reason her half sister wants her to move in, is just to use her as a babysitter for her kids while she goes back to school... My daughter has already mentioned that her sister said that "if she moves in, she can watch the kids while she is at class" I always thought i would be happy when my kids got old enough and told me they wanted to move out... damn, I was sooooooo wrong!! Ok friends... how do I handle this???? HELP
Where are you going, where have you been? My dear, close, and quiet friend, As we sit in the soft springtime Saturday's end Taking comfort in each other once again. Tell me your stories and I'll tell you mine; And so we will pass a few hours time With the quaint and the comic and even sublime - Silently searching for that elusive sign. We'll fashion the future and polish the past, Allowing the memories to amass; While the grains of sand slip through the glass 'Til a tranquil lull pervades at last. Conversation fades with the eve's golden light, We cannot go on, try though we might; So you gather me an embrace so tight, And we wistfully, longingly say goodnight.
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